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Forever Cuse (@savingshelterpups) Instagram Profile Photosavingshelterpups

Forever Cuse

#Repost @aslmrc1 (@get_repost)・・・#Repost @anetek 1669766041785123497

#repost@aslmrc1(@get_repost )・・・#repost@anetek300(@get_repost )・・・#repost#gfromm46(#get_repost )・・・As you can see from my previous post, her demeanor is becoming less excited as each day passes!Come in people!! She needs a HERO and FAST12/12/17-"COCO"- SHE IS BECOMING MORE AND MORE DEPRESSED - SHE HAS BEEN WAITING 2 MONTHS FOR A HOME!- PLEASE SAVE THIS DEVOTED DOGS LIFE!SHE IS A WONDERFUL,GENTLE GIRL!SHE IS 6 YEARS OLD!SHE IS AVAILABLE AT INLAND VALLEY HUMANE SOCIETY AND SPCA IN POMONA, CALIFORNIACALL (909)-623-9777#i1283424PLEASE HURRY!DON'T LET HER REMAIN HERE!- TAKE HER HOME FOR CHRISTMAS!THIS IS A KILL SHELTER! #chino#chinohills#upland#montclair#losangeles#sanbernardino#riverside#orangecounty#dog#pitbull#senior

Forever Cuse (@savingshelterpups) Instagram Profile Photosavingshelterpups

Forever Cuse

#Repost @lolysmenchaka (@get_repost)・・・SENIOR CO 1669761057752611819

#repost@lolysmenchaka(@get_repost )・・・SENIOR COCO is available also for rescuesHorrible what was done to this dogs ears :(She is already spayed and ready to goShe has been in the shelter for three weeks. If you watch the video to the right you can see that she ran to other other side of the kennel to see a dog passing by and she doesnt react just wags her tail.NEEDS SHARES AND EVERYTHING. SHE NEEDS TO GET OUT NOWCOCOPit Bull TerrierAge (approximate): 6 yearsSex SpayedColor BRNDL/WHTAvailable on:(Subject to change) Oct 28, 2017Rescue Date:(Subject to change) Nov 4, 2017Control Number: #i1283424 shelter does not disclose updates to me after the dogs are no longer in their care. Please contact them for any INFORMATION and/or UPDATES. Adoptions have to be made in person. Potential adopters have to bring their other dogs (if any) for a meet and greet. Im only a net-worker therefore, i do not have pulling rights. I name the dogs for personal references, the shelter doesn't know those names so always make sure to ask for a dog by their control number not by their name to avoid confusion.INLAND VALLEY HUMANE SOCIETYPOMONA CA 91767909 623-9777 — THREAD THREAD

Club Pilates Chino Hills (@clubpilates_chinohills) Instagram Profile Photoclubpilates_chinohills

Club Pilates Chino Hills

Every wonder what makes Club Pilates Chino Hills d 1669760181126178983

Every wonder what makes Club Pilates Chino Hills different from the rest? You will not find the ample amount of customer service from any Pilates studio in the area. We have a fully staffed front desk in order to provide you with timely, proactive customer service. #clubpilateschinohills#chinohills#clubpilates#theshoppesatchinohills#clubpilateseastvale#eastvale#clubpilatescorona#corona#pilateslover#pilates#pilatesjobs#pilatesinstructors#iamclubpilates

More Than a Cone (@morethanacone) Instagram Profile Photomorethanacone

More Than a Cone

️ PITBULL PUPPIES! ️ These little guys are all loo 1669754737926282038

️ PITBULL PUPPIES! ️ These little guys are all looking for homes! How could you say no to their adorable little faces?Come meet these lovely pups at @pricelesspetrescueat their Chino Hills location! Promise you'll fall in love.

Lita Baby (@ninnaross1) Instagram Profile Photoninnaross1

Lita Baby

I miss you chino#tbt#ChinoHills 1669748033649575809

I miss you chino#tbt #chinohills

Latimex Market (@latimexmarket) Instagram Profile Photolatimexmarket

Latimex Market

You can never go wrong909-628-8215 give us a cal 1669746362261794033

You can never go wrong909-628-8215 give us a call or stop in 11742 central Ave. Chino CA 91710 #latimex#latimexmarket#latimexonthego#latinfood#pig#food#chino#chinohills#order