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Dietsy - Diet is easy


CHEELASCertainly cheela is one of my favoritesto gulp in at any time of a day !It is nutritious , low calories , protein rich ,& ideal for breakfast & snack time !#healthyfood#healthylife#happylife#eatclean#eatcleantraindirty#besancheela#greenmoongdalcheela#veggies#yummy#mondaymotivation#healthybreakfast#cheelasDM for healthy diet plans for weight management ( weight gain / weight loss ) & for lifestyle modifications .Get a whole new confidence in you by getting in shape you desire for with Dietsy - Diet is easy .#starttoday

Kumar Rohit🤓🍜Food-Full Life🌏🇮🇳 (@foodtrawler) Instagram Profile Photofoodtrawler

Kumar Rohit🤓🍜Food-Full Life🌏🇮🇳

#cheelas are the #indian #pancakes and a popular b 1651530684160025253

#cheelasare the #indian#pancakesand a popular breakfast & snack item. The two most popular versions are made of Besan (Gram Flour) & Moong Dal (a type of lentil). They are light to eat and easy to prepare. You can find large #foodcounters selling them during Durga #puja& chillas with #paneer#toppingsare most popular. They go fantastically well with green and red chutneys. Here, a stall owner is trying to keep up the pace with customer orders!!!🥗🥘#foodpics#ramlila#ramlilamaidan#navratri#instapics#foodtrawler#indianfood#delhi#olddelhi#incredibleindia#love#instagood#happy#beautiful#followme#follow#like4like#tagsforlikes#instalike#likeforlike#amazing#nofilter#followforfollow

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Amal Zeke Khanolkar


Moong dal cheelas - try some protein rich light & healthy pancakes perfect for breakfast or brunch 🥗 Moong dal - 250ml cup full soaked in water overnightGreen chillies - 2 or 3Ginger - large piece finely cutOnion - one large finely choppedFresh coriander - finely choppedCumin powder - 2 tspRed chilli powder - 1tsp (optional)Wash the dal well once soaked and blend with the chillies & ginger using a little water to get s thick batter of pouring consistency. Add onion coriander cumin & salt. Mix well. Spread thin on a hot nonstick pan, drizzle with olive oil and cook well until golden brown on both sides. Serve with chutneys & pickle#indianfood#northindiancuisine#moong#moongdal#pancakes#healthyindianfood#brunch#indianpancakes#cheelas#lentilpancakes#proteinrichfoods#protein#proteinpancakes#veggie#veggieprotein#leanin15#vegan#veganpancakes#quickandhealthy

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E guardo te che guardi me.. amico ghepardo. NON so 1625178016489155990

E guardo te che guardi me.. amico ghepardo. NON sono ghepardi sedati per divertimento dei turisti, sono stati trovati a soli due settimane senza mamma e portati nella riserva privata. Vivono liberi ma a contatto con l'uomo, per questo sono così amichevoli e fanno le fusa quando li accarezzi.. ...#cheelas#ghepardo#gattone#animal#namibia#africa#honeymoon#lapalangegamelodge#marienland

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Guss Ortga

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Anu Cheema

Sooji n Paneer Cheela (Semolina cottage cheese Ind 1503397555084474014
Elisa (Everyday Intl Rec) (@evday.intl.rec) Instagram Profile Photoevday.intl.rec

Elisa (Everyday Intl Rec)

Besan Aur Pyaz Ka Cheela (North Indian Crepe-like1501148030328513947

Besan Aur Pyaz Ka Cheela (North Indian Crepe-like Griddlecakes, of Chickpea Flour & Onion). This recipe, from @archanaskitchen , includes chickpea/garbanzo bean flour, chopped onions and green bell peppers (capsicum), fennel seeds, salt, water, and cilantro. I sometimes find Besan Ka Cheela to be heavy, so after I mixed the flour with water, I left the batter on the counter for 3 hours to ferment (before mixing in the other ingredients). That did seem to lighten the batter.*As I didn't have any green chutney to accompany this, I used leftover Healthy Greek Spinach & Kale Dip instead. (You can see the post for that from 2 days ago, if you like.) After both sides of the cheela were cooked, I spread some dip on the one side, and then folded it over. Normally, I prefer my onions and peppers very well cooked, but here, I found that I liked the stronger flavor, mixed with the fennel seeds. I'm glad I tried this!*You can follow the link in my profile to my blog, where the entry for this photo will include a link to the online recipe.

Elisa (Everyday Intl Rec) (@evday.intl.rec) Instagram Profile Photoevday.intl.rec

Elisa (Everyday Intl Rec)

Sooji/Suji/Rava Cheela, based on a recipe from Pri 1496121301520127139

Sooji/Suji/Rava Cheela, based on a recipe from Priya Vantalu on YouTube. This is an Indian griddlecake, sort of like a crepe. The photo shows how I topped it with some leftover Baingan Bharta (Indian mashed roasted eggplant and tomato). Quite yummy.*This version contains sooji/rava (like Cream of Wheat), plain yogurt, fresh ginger, dried cilantro, salt, and baking soda, as well as the last of the leftover bhaji veggies from the other day (tomato, onion, and green bell pepper). I mixed the sooji, yogurt, and water together, and left it for two hours (longer than in the recipe), as I hoped that would make a lighter batter. I then added all the other ingredients, and cooked it with as little oil as I could get away with. (I still wanted it to be tasty and somewhat crispy; I just can't eat too much rich food.)*You can follow the link in my profile to my blog, where the entry for this photo will include a link to the online video.

Mukti Singh (@missingh_mukti) Instagram Profile Photomissingh_mukti

Mukti Singh

It's pancake day! Being slightly less traditional1460414243848708632

It's pancake day! Being slightly less traditional by indulging in some savoury Indian pancakes.... yum! #pancakeday#pancakes#cheelas#savoury#indianfood#lovetocook