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Blissful Botanicals

GG#12 lower branch attracting some friends1670566687659024683

GG#12lower branch attracting some friends

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Capturing the session with @condor_folklore 1670571005887843771
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Capturing the session with @condor_folklore

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Jasmine Nicole || 23


Lol 🤣 memes make everything better.Even when your pain level is off the scale by over 3 points. I say no to birth control, because Mary Jane is a better friend than hormones.No amount helps me leave bed on days where my flare-ups are this bad though.Been dealing with these pain levels for many years, and didn't learn why until October of this year. I had a miscarriage early on in my relationship with my ex, and while I thought I was having another a couple months ago, it was simply the staph infection he gave me making my body slow to start, coupled with one of the worst flare-ups I'd ever had; which led to the news I got from that lovely exam when I drove myself to the hospital writhing in pain. Now I know that miscarriages will be a common theme if I ever try to have children. So, that may check that off of the list of the only thing I ever cared about in life. Lol Nothing is certain, so if the universe wants that for me it will deliver. I doubt that's the kind of loss I'd want to go through on a regular basis. Some days I want to walk into the hospital and just ask them to remove my uterus. Pain is shitty, it's especially shitty when you were dealing with a shitty person. I'm not going to lie though, I feel pretty badass that during those flare ups that I didn't know what was going on, and I wanted to die, I was able to push myself through grueling workouts and 65+ hour work weeks. There were days I'd be in the fetus position for hours, but I'd go into the gym at night and beat the fuck out of the bags. And spar, and do jiujitsu after. I'd want to vomit, but I guarantee no one could tell. I don't want to sound full of myself, but that's pretty gangster.Women are ballsy. Lol Thank you to the women @treatyourselfincfor making amazing 1:1 pop tarts that help ease my tension during flare-ups. It makes me happy to support women, and it makes me happy to see more brands creating guilt-free, planet-friendly edibles. I don't know what I'd do without cannabis. Plants are everything.#cannabis#medicine#healthcare#thc#cbd#endowarrior#painsucks#plantstrong

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Weed Gazing

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