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Luxury Normandy Travel (@luxury_normandy_travel) Instagram Profile Photoluxury_normandy_travel

Luxury Normandy Travel

Noël arrive à grand pas !! J-12 avant d'ouvrir vos 1669131966618153609

Noël arrive à grand pas !! J-12 avant d'ouvrir vos cadeaux!En cette période de fête, les marchés de Noël vous ouvrent leurs portes.Mais saurez-vous retrouver où a été prise cette photo ? ...Christmas is coming!! J-12 before opening your presents!In this holiday period, Christmas markets open their doors.But will you know where this photo was taken ?#normandy#christmas#market#normandie#noël#fête#december#hiver#marchédenoël#christmasmarket#carrousel#church#cathedral#église#cathédrale#architecture#france#frenchtouch

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The Holy Churches

The Cathedral Church of Saint Mary in Murcia ( Murcia - Spain ) commonly called the Cathedral of Murcia, is a Catholic church in the city of Murcia, Spain. It is the only cathedral in use in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Cartagena in Spain.When the Christian king Jaime I the Conqueror conquered the city, in spite of the existing pact with the Muslims of the city that prevented destroying any mosque, the king Jaime I took the Great Mosque or Aljamía to consecrate it to the Virgin Mary, since he had the custom to offer a mass to Our Lady whenever he conquered a village. The cimentation of the cathedral begun in the 13th century, in the same place where the great mosque stood. In 1385 the laying of foundations began and in 1388 the first stone was laid. But it was not until 1394 that the construction began, which would be finished in October 1467. Nevertheless, the cathedral continued to grow until the 18th century, which means that the cathedral is made of a variety of artistic styles.The heart and the entrails of the king Alfonso X the Wise are buried under the main altar of the cathedral, as he indicated in his testament, as a gift and proof of his love to Murcia and in thanks to the fidelity that the city showed to him.As previously stated, the artistic style of the building is very varied because it was finished in the 18th century. Its interior is Gothic; the facade is Baroque and it was made by the Valencian architect and sculptor Jaume Bort i Meliá.The interior is mainly Gothic. It is made up of three naves with an apse and twenty-three chapels. The chapels are dedicated to the patron saints of the labor unions and to the burials of the bishops and nobles that fomented or collaborated with the construction of the cathedral. Some chapels can be emphasized:The Chapel of the Apse or the Vélez Chapel: it has Flaming Gothic style, with a cupola of stars with ten points.The Chapel of Junterones: it is one of the great works of the Spanish Renaissance.The Chapel of the Immaculate: it is Baroque in style.The Plateresque chairs of the choir, post-choir, and the portal of the sacristy, are significant. #murciacathedral

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La Bastille

We love Savannah, we love beauty and craftsmanship 1669133885932737220

We love Savannah, we love beauty and craftsmanship, and we love the Holidays.If you're with us, you'll appreciate a visit to the downtown Cathedral!It graced our skyline with the iconic green spires synonymous with Savannah Architecture over a century ago.After the Revolution, the congregation became the main church for free blacks from Haiti in the early 19th century.Construction began on the new Cathedral of St. John the Baptist in 1873 and was completed with the addition of the spires in 1896.#savannahcathedral#cathedral#stjohnthebaptist#historicsavannah#lafayettesquare#savannahholidays#savannahga#savannahstyle#haiti#coastalcity#portcity#meltingpot#architecture#frenchgothicarchitecture#whimsicalarchitecture#letitsnow#jinglebells#homeofjinglebells#gothicarchitecture#savannahhistoricdistrict