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HOLIDAYS:Hey guys! Holiday season is here, almost 1672761367990697912

HOLIDAYS:Hey guys! Holiday season is here, almost the end of the year, and I'm reminiscing about 2017 already. I was thinking about all the things that happened, good and bad, and it put a smile on my face. Every year around the same time we think about what we have accomplished in present year, and what are our plans for the next one. Some even make a resolution. I can say that I spent this year working on myself, and really understanding myself, and I think that's something I'm proud of. There have been a lot of smiles, laughs, coffee, new friendships made, some losses and even some sadness, and it makes me smile. Cause that's life. I don't usually make plans for a new year, because I'm just curious, and I want to see what life has to offer. Anyway, I'd like to know what's the thing you accomplished in 2017 that you're most proud of? : @bybernardus

Leah Schwab (@campergirl09) Instagram Profile Photocampergirl09

Leah Schwab

Taking a break from EVERYTHING to enjoy this guilt 1672761036951523109

Taking a break from EVERYTHING to enjoy this guilty little pleasure. It almost looks to beautiful to eat....almost#chocolatespringslenox#guiltypleasure#cappuccino#onlythebest

Diane Miller (@theshutterbugeye) Instagram Profile Phototheshutterbugeye

Diane Miller

Fance#y sugar stirrer at Ruth’sChris. #cappuccino 1672760813303039898

Fance#ysugar stirrer at Ruth’sChris. #cappuccino

.کاپوچینو Cappuccinoقیمت هر بسته در فروشگاه ها، 1672759453331498467

.کاپوچینو Cappuccinoقیمت هر بسته در فروشگاه ها، هایپرها و سوپر مارکت ها: 20000 هزار تومان قیمت با تخفیف 15 درصدی: 17000 هزار تومان! قیمت 2 بسته با تخفیف 20 درصدی: 32000 هزار تومان!! قیمت 3 بسته با تخفیف 23 درصدی: 46500 هزار تومان!!! #برایثبت سفارش با شماره زیر در ارتباط باشید:0912889471009120541208#تورابیکا#اراک#اراکی_ها#کاپوچینو#cappuccino#سوسو#susu#رژیمی#nosuger#پرمیوم#premium#@araktorabika

Giusy Rosa (@rosagiusy) Instagram Profile Photorosagiusy

Giusy Rosa barista mi fa i cuori#cappuccino #soia #pra 1672759352735637077
ReportShareDownload00 barista mi fa i cuori#cappuccino#soia#pranzo#veloce