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Carrie-Leigh Aliyyah Miranda👸🏼 (@carrie_leighm) Instagram Profile Photocarrie_leighm

Carrie-Leigh Aliyyah Miranda👸🏼

Hi baby ️ 1667298757832429254

Hi baby ️

Digital Domination Academy (@digitaldominationacademy) Instagram Profile Photodigitaldominationacademy

Digital Domination Academy

Working from home is amazing, but there are times1667301008916044622

Working from home is amazing, but there are times when it's not ideal. There are times when I have so much housework that I *should* get done, that I end up distracted and unable to focus. There are times when I get terrible cabin fever because I realise that, other than the school run, I haven't left the house all week. This is when my local cafe comes in handy - free wifi, delicious coffee, and a motivating reason to put on pants