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Sml, The great - @smlthegreat Instagram Profile Photosmlthegreat

Sml, The great

Sml, The great - @smlthegreat Instagram Photo

Papillon de nuit by Sml, The great is now available on Itunes and Spotify #singer #music #frenchsong #frenchmusic #dance #dancehall #electronicmusic #france #paris #brussels #belgium #new #newartist #newvideo

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Calligraphy Masters

Calligraphy Masters - @calligraphymasters Instagram Photo

Brussels tattoo by the hand of @theosone___- Featured by @calligraphymasters- Inspiring Calligraphy & Lettering- www.calligraphymasters.com___#keepwriting#calligraphymasters

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Sheila Eroles /G\🎗

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Esbrineu on serem el 7 de desembre? Omplirem Brussel•les o conquerirem l'espai?Les Catalans utilisons cette image pour remercier le peuple belge qui nous accueille pendant notre voyage vers la liberté.@dissemyxr#tintin#brussels#catalonia#catalogne#catalunya#llibertat#juntspercaralunya

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SWEETSHONICA - @sweetshonica Instagram Photo

🧚‍️oh my look new emojis 🧖‍️amazing.Do sprouts make you smileor pull this face here ?-🧠The randomness of just me as a person,has meant that this week I’ve ended up in 3 conversations about the good old sprout so I thought I would end the week with a post about them just to prove my love.-‍️As a child I ate a lot veg, it was just the way we as a family were born & raised( fresh prince anyone?) so it’s not something I’ve ever struggled with or had to think twice about & I’ve always loved sprouts not just during the festive season 🤯-For so little calories you are getting a good old punch of nutrients especially fiber, Vit k & C. They also have have a pretty impressive antioxidant content & are specifically high kaempferol which has been studied extensively for its many health promoting properties.-️The positive impacts of the sprout on blood sugar levels specifically is likely down to the high fibre content & its ALA content(Alpha Lipoc Acid )which has been linked to potential effects on blood sugar & insulin. Overall these 2may help keep your blood sugar levels stable.-If you don’t eat fish, these are one of the best plant sources of omega 3. For women 1/2 cup contains around 12% of your RDA & around 8.5% for men.-‍️I think anyone who says they don’t like sprouts is perhaps remembering being fed soggy sprouts at school yak. But honestly I think if you try them cooked another way you may well be converted. 🧚‍️I’ve shown you my top 3 ways to prepare them.-In conclusion including a wide range of veggies in your diet is important for helping to ensure overall health, & mixing up how you cook them will stop you ever getting bored.-Questions let me know feel free to share.🤩🤩🤪-@reformsandcthis is your post 🤪🤪 @repostit_app@sarahdufflifestyleandfitness#brusselsprouts#fallveggies#fallvegetables#fallproduce#seasonalvegetables#seasonalproduce#veggies#vegetables#greenveggies#greenvegetables#brussels#freshvegetables#freshproduce

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