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Cypress Medispa - @cypressmedispa Instagram Accountcypressmedispa

Cypress Medispa

Cypress Medispa - @cypressmedispa Instagram Photo

We offer laser hair removal treatments! Yes, say goodbye to those stubborn little dark hairs with the Alma Harmony & Soprano XL lasers (we use the best) set your appointment today!(281)720-4200 #fridayfeeling

✨✨ANDREA OLIVARES ✨✨ - @yogaconandrea Instagram Accountyogaconandrea


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"Look for the magic in the daily routine" -low Barlow - Mira la magia en la rutina diaria Mi Yoga Matutina :Una rutina de yoga por la mañana puede cambiar tu vida de muchas maneras saludables y aumentar la conciencia de las emociones, Tomar un poco de tiempo para tí mismo al comienzo de cada día te permitirá sentirte centrado, feliz y te ayudará afrontar el día con mucha energía . #mañana#morning#entrepreneur#healthy#saludable#instagram#mujeresemprendedoras#latina#lovely#instagram#instayogq#thankgiven#magic#dreamer#tutorials#yogamatutina#goodess#breakfast#healthylifestyle#sunsalutation

Meg - @ironandspice Instagram Photo

Eggs, egg whites, peppers, onions, oats, butter, jam, COFFEE. Aka - protein, fat, carbs, fiber, caffeine. Aka - a breakfast (or dinner!) option I could hang with for awhile (#tenminutebreakfast ). I eyeballed this one, macro-wise, but I’m betting it’s around 30g PRO, 35-40g CHO, and 12-15g FAT, but my focus here is less on numbers and more on building meals that are balanced and satisfying enough to get me through 4ish hours til I’m hungry again without getting super snacky in the afternoon and before bed. Bored with your morning eggs? Try adding a new seasoning blend or salsa to up the flavor profile without adding (this harissa salsa from TJ’s is ).

Steph Luciano - @lucieluc Instagram Accountlucieluc

Steph Luciano

Steph Luciano - @lucieluc Instagram Photo

Friday morning lessons:#thatpart#stepheatseggs@schoolmyschoolyou're ridiculous and no one knows it but me. I'm too lucky

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