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Boy Meets Girl® by @StacyIgel (@boymeetsgirlusa) Instagram Profile Photoboymeetsgirlusa

Boy Meets Girl® by @StacyIgel

MUST ORDER BY 12/15 TO GET IN TIME FOR THE HOLIDAY 1669866690516733180

MUST ORDER BY 12/15 TO GET IN TIME FOR THE HOLIDAYS ️Check out what just dropped.Motor City  BOY MEETS GIRL® IN DETROIT is here, among other cities.Choose from 7 embroidery colors & 12 cities to represent where you come from with our #holidaycollection. PLUS: Get a FREE #boymeetsgirlLOGO TOTE with each purchase of one of these sweatshirts to give as a holiday gift this season & choose between 3 causes to give back to (#aclu , #nscc , and #americanredcross ). Link in bio to shop!#boymeetsgirlusa#detroit

Stacy Igel (@stacyigel) Instagram Profile Photostacyigel

Stacy Igel

Arthur ElgortReportShareDownload2371

A piece from today’s @nytimes@nytimesfashionwith @veronicawebb“I think it’s about the 1990s,” said Ms. Webb, whose Boy Meets Girl line features images of her channeling the ’90s on black athleisure wear. The photos were taken by Sophie Elgort, daughter of the 1990s photographer Arthur Elgort, whom Ms. Webb remembered as a child running around her father’s Vogue shoots.” “The ’90s was when the world was just on the cusp of the digital revolution, before mystery went out the window, and that had a real glamour,” Ms. Webb said. “If you look at a lot of the people today who are Insta-famous, their school was the 1990s.” And their teachers were the celebrities of the time — that is, the supermodels, a generation of mannequins who put a name and a personality to a face, and often built an empire out of charisma.” Link above for full article written by #vanessafriedmanxo #stacyigel#boymeetsgirl#bmgxvw#boymeetsgirlblacklabel

#CatVonMar (@cat.von.mar) Instagram Profile Photocat.von.mar


My favorite part of the weekend1669776828452542143

My favorite part of the weekend

Stacy Igel (@stacyigel) Instagram Profile Photostacyigel

Stacy Igel

Link abovefeatured in @nytimes @nytimesfashion1669773499819216727

Link abovefeatured in @nytimes@nytimesfashion

Stacy Igel (@stacyigel) Instagram Profile Photostacyigel

Stacy Igel

It’s not everyday you open #thenewyorktimes #thurs 1669759934315913626

It’s not everyday you open #thenewyorktimes#thursdaystylesection and see your name and brand #boymeetsgirlnext to #donatella& #versace. This piece written by the incredible #vanessafriedmanfor @nytimesfashion@nytimescovers “The New #supermodelmaniaof #2017 .” When I began my #collaborationwith #veronicawebbfor this #boymeetsgirlblacklabelline I had no idea I would be part of a full circle ⭕️ comeback story. I have been doing what I call #crushingtheboxCollabs throughout my career and when I do them I do them because I feel the excitement in them . I have a connection to them and I believe in them. I am honored to be alongside the incredible Donatella and Versace in a beautiful piece link aboveand I am grateful to be have partnered with Veronica Webb an amazing woman, mother and #90s#supermodeland @sophieelgortwho believed in my vision and put it to life . Xo #stacy .Igel

Auntie MelMel (@auntielife125) Instagram Profile Photoauntielife125

Auntie MelMel

‍️ of course#auntielifeisthebestlife#Repost @s 1669754212212161245

‍️ of course#auntielifeisthebestlife#repost@savvyauntie・・・The @boymeetsgirlusax @savvyauntie#coolestauntcollab is BACK for a VERY limited time! Get the TOTES THE COOLEST AUNT tote! #savvyauntie#boymeetsgirl

.소년 소녀를 만나다#leoscarax #boymeetsgirl 1669725022356016689

.소년 소녀를 만나다#leoscarax#boymeetsgirl