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Angelica & Meriam (@flexandthecityy) Instagram Profile Photoflexandthecityy

Angelica & Meriam

***Arch Climbing Centre***Any climbers out there?? I take my hat off to youMy first indoor climbing experience was at Arch climbing centre and I loved it but it was TOUGH!.Discovered a slight fear of heights 🤦‍️Despite none of the walls being that tall 🤦‍️Looking down somehow gets you!.Dangling like a spider monkeyand depending on a Little Rock to keep you up is bound to get your heart racing. But once you let go that little adrenaline kick rushes in and the fun begins!.First time climbers need to book an intro lesson or be accompanied by an experienced climber. I would highly recommend doing the intro lesson as it loosens you up..During the intro you go through safety instructions and learn the proper technique for climbing vertical and leaning walls! An hour later and you’re ready to go!!.Climbing is actually a really hard workout and requires strength but mainly technique and agility!Climbers are nimble athletes and watching the experienced climbers go up quickly like spidersis very impressive!.Big musclesare actually a downside for climbing as they weigh you down. So I blame my big guns/booty for dragging me down 🤣🤣🤣 Lots of different muscle groups are worked and you're using your problem solving skills to find the best route up - different coloured boulders represent different levels of difficulty..The next day I felt muscle pain in places new to me and especially around my core!.Try it out with friends as a fun holiday activity and get an amazing full body workout in too!You can even fit it around your work schedule as centres are open until 10.30pm on weekdays and 9pm on weekends.Arch offer membership and exciting walls in three different locations, two in Bermondsey and one in Burnt Oak. I tried the one in the Biscuit Factory, a short walk from Bermondsey station.Prices (for all centres)Off-peak £8.50, peak £11, monthly membership £55. .#climbing#indoorclimbing#boulderwall#fitness#workout#thursdaymotivation#london#fun

Carey Brothers Rockeries (@careybrothersrockeries) Instagram Profile Photocareybrothersrockeries

Carey Brothers Rockeries


Finished this good size wall today, I meant to post progress pics but never did

J.A LAND DEVELOPMENT (@jalanddevelopment) Instagram Profile Photojalanddevelopment


Advanced Wall Structures (@advancedwallstructures) Instagram Profile Photoadvancedwallstructures

Advanced Wall Structures

Martin Excavation & Retaining (@martinexcavationandretaining) Instagram Profile Photomartinexcavationandretaining

Martin Excavation & Retaining

Boulder wall completed at Picketts Valley.

FLIPP Crashpads & Matting (@flippcrashpads) Instagram Profile Photoflippcrashpads

FLIPP Crashpads & Matting


The latest matting project that we just finished - Ninja Warrior park for Tigaland Augsburg Spidamonk Ninja Parkour Augsburg Hard job, hard installment and a great end product! Enjoy! #matting#gymmatting#flippcrashpads#flippcrashpadsspain#bouldering#boulderwall#ninjawarrior#ninja#ninjacourses#ninjacourse

Esch Landscaping (@eschlandscapingllc) Instagram Profile Photoeschlandscapingllc

Esch Landscaping

What a transformation on this Lake Huron Cottage!1667471649886188751

What a transformation on this Lake Huron Cottage! This project was nothing short of spectacular!

Advanced Wall Structures (@advancedwallstructures) Instagram Profile Photoadvancedwallstructures

Advanced Wall Structures

Needed to put some time in on Sunday to get some c 1667021290706640244

Needed to put some time in on Sunday to get some clear skies, the blue sure is a welcome changeThe Zero swing came in handy again working next to that structure. We don't own a traditional swing machine anymore the DX235LCR-5 replaced our DX180.#rippingsticks#blueskies#slingingrocks#hardscaping#zeroswing#excavator#hardscapingbrotherhood#boulderwall#retainingwall#doosan#doosanbears#towtem#grapple#advancedwallstructures#minnesota