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i love this the lines are so crispsppppp

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Kelyn Esther Blackburn

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Vent art 11/19/17 "Ive always been hyper aware of my skin. It smells like burning cotton and its covered in holes and i can feel every pore. When cells die and build up under the skin i can feel it and its disgusting. Im not trying to hurt my skin im trying to clean it but every pore needs to be cleaned." #dermatillomania#excoriationdisorder#ventart#bodyhorror#blood

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What's wrong? You've look like you've seen a ghost! ••Yee, I'm posting again! Here have this drawing or whatever this is of Jesicca's child (I'm not even sure that's how you spell her name.. )But yeah! Glitchtale belongs to Camila Cuevas ••••••Tags:#glitchtale#glitchtaleintegrity#integritychild#blood

A legjobb barátom a penge!😭🔫 - @_nem_fogadott_hivas_ Instagram Profile Photo_nem_fogadott_hivas_

A legjobb barátom a penge!😭🔫

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