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🖤 NIGHT 💃🏻 POWERS 🖤 (@nightpowers) Instagram Profile Photonightpowers


Quinston Jackson (@mrbama4) Instagram Profile Photomrbama4

Quinston Jackson

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christopher sheffield (@sheff_shoots_indie) Instagram Profile Photosheff_shoots_indie

christopher sheffield

Lighting tip: I've definitely said this a hundred1667179893657260756

Lighting tip: I've definitely said this a hundred times but if you want a smooth natural feel and you aren't sure how to start lighting a room, start by turning on all the Practical lights in the room. I actually own my own practical house lights that I bring around with me to other people's houses when I'm shooting. The reason is that shooting an interior at night always feels more grounded and realistic if you have practical lights that are on in frame. This image you see here was lit entirely with practical lights available in the room strategically-placed. That being said, if you're going to go turning house lights on then you want to be sure that you have diffusion that you can hide inside of lamp shades and wrap around bulbs here and there, because house lights do tend to be very bright and can blow out your walls and wash out your actor. If you use enough practical lights in your frame then you might only need something as small as a little LED panel to add some fill to your actor and then you're ready to shoot!

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@spoonfeed_ have gone magic, why don’t you? Why no 1667177053231224857

@spoonfeed_have gone magic, why don’t you? Why not try our signature, fresh everyday, homemade black magic lemonade. With Himalayan salt & activated charcoal. Available at all #appetitebranches. Thank you to @spoonfeed_for the lovely shot. ...#activatedcharcoal#himalayansalt#homemade#everyday#fresh#tasty#refreshing#blackmagic#lemonade#instajuice#instafood#instagood#dubaiinstagram#juicelovers#cleanse