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I met @missnumain 2009 when I hosted a Q&A at #bfifor "A Good Day to be Black And Sexy by @blackandsexytvand since then I have watched her flourish in the most transparent and creative way and I am so proud of her.You don't need to know someone well in order to be happy for them or proud. It's not a length of time thingit's a connection thing and just is.When someone steps out and shines and is brave enough to show everyone who they are, it gives an unspoken invitation for us all to do the same.Live you life on your own terms. Just begin. NOW! Congratulations @missnumaFor what you have already done, what you are currently doing and what you will go on to do x#numaperrier#artist#boundless#inspiring#walkingherpath#bestself#justdoit#proud

A Father's Day - @afathersday Instagram Accountafathersday

A Father's Day

Kedai Kopi Papa Ong - @kedaikopi_papaongbsd Instagram Accountkedaikopi_papaongbsd

Kedai Kopi Papa Ong

Kedai Kopi Papa Ong - @kedaikopi_papaongbsd Instagram Photo

Jangan lupa makan siang .hanya di kedai kopi papa ong bsd anda bisa menikmati soto ayam yang nikmat . .Yuk merapat teman . .#sotoayam#nasisotoayam#nasisotoayamsantan#nasisotoayambening#temanpapaong#bsdsquare#kulinerenak#tangerangfoodie#yummy#lezat#enak#simas#simascard#bfi#bfifinance

Henrik Delehag - @delehag Instagram Accountdelehag

Henrik Delehag

Henrik Delehag - @delehag Instagram Photo

.----------KINGDOM----------Logo for a film me and my wife @tinadelehagare working on in our "spare" time.From our insanity, for our sanity.Watch this space...

Michael Luke Rowney - @michaelrowney Instagram Accountmichaelrowney

Michael Luke Rowney

Michael Luke Rowney - @michaelrowney Instagram Photo

Stop what you're doing and go see @justiceleague- just got home from a great day out with @mjrowney , seeing the film at the #bfi#imax .It's the most entertaining, energetic and joyous experience I've had at the cinema in ages. It's not a perfect film, but it was a perfect experience to sit there and watch these characters we love.#gothamlooks incredible on screen, the best it's looked since Tim Burton. Ben Affleck is now my favourite #batman , and Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg and Flash all delivered the goods.This is the film we've waited to see since we were kids. Some others might be giving it a frostier reception, but I'm here to represent and give it the love it deserves. It's a great film that reminded us why we make films of our own.Thanks #zacksnyder , @henrycavill , @gal_gadot , @benaffleck , @rehsifyar , @prideofgypsies , and the entire cast and crew.

Tera Arum Jenang'tory-tory - @arumdwinur Instagram Accountarumdwinur

Tera Arum Jenang'tory-tory

Tera Arum Jenang'tory-tory - @arumdwinur Instagram Photo

Kaburrrrr ada satpol PP .......ciattttttttttt#bfifinance #bfi #bfigresik #

Vera - @dreadonmyhead Instagram Photo
SEB arenaReportShareDownload017

Здоровая клеточка #tennis#bfi#sebarena

Kyle Robinson - @meraki_mkiv Instagram Accountmeraki_mkiv

Kyle Robinson

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