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🌸🌈JOSEE🌸🌈 - @joseehicks Instagram Accountjoseehicks


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feeling like your mouth and insides are on fire has never been so good#beyondspicy#hotpot#beijing#chinesefood

The Flesh Mechanic - @ka_mi_wa Instagram Accountka_mi_wa

The Flesh Mechanic

The Flesh Mechanic - @ka_mi_wa Instagram Photo

Now this is what happens when you don't know your spices. Was in a mood to eat some hot thai noodle so I doubled the recommended chilli quantity. With the very first bite I paid for all my sins. I am going to be shooting flames tomorrow. Will keep an extinguisher handy... just in case.#disastercooking#beyondspicy#cullinaryabuse#ricenoodles#padthainoodles

Beyond The Shaker - @beyond_the_shaker Instagram Accountbeyond_the_shaker

Beyond The Shaker

Beyond The Shaker - @beyond_the_shaker Instagram Photo

Guess what we're mixing up today? YepAnd the salt base for this blend is Hawaiian (both black and red salt!) ️#hothabanerosalt#mixingday#beyondspicy#hawaiiansalt#redalaeasalt#hawaiianblacksalt#beyondtheshaker#seasalt#yum

Janixa Mejias - @jinx4short Instagram Accountjinx4short

Janixa Mejias

Janixa Mejias - @jinx4short Instagram Photo

Day 12: So I'm at this Korean restaurant for lunch and ordered a spicy beef soup. When I ordered she looked at me and said "it's spicy," and raised her eyebrows like she thought I couldn't handle it. I wanted to say, "no shit, that's why I ordered it," but I toned it down and politely just said "yes, please." Now I'm sat here finishing this damn bowl, crying tears of molten lava, and breathing fire because I'm no baby, and I refuse to prove her right.#lessonlearned#thepainisreal#beyondspicy#quittersneverwin

James Loverio - @jaloverio Instagram Accountjaloverio

James Loverio

James Loverio - @jaloverio Instagram Photo

So excited to get this #beastof spicy vinegar. Never make the mistake of using this on its own. #beyondspicy

The Flesh Mechanic - @ka_mi_wa Instagram Accountka_mi_wa

The Flesh Mechanic

The Flesh Mechanic - @ka_mi_wa Instagram Photo

When you don't know what spicy means in Malaysia, careful what you wish for.#laksa#beyondspicy#malaysia

Jessica Cieluch Emmons - @crossfitfamily Instagram Accountcrossfitfamily

Jessica Cieluch Emmons

Jessica Cieluch Emmons - @crossfitfamily Instagram Photo

So, I rarely get to watch our Bedlam family workout bc I'm usually working out at 5pm then I have to rush to get Luke from school by 630pm. Rush rush rush. To the gym & right out of the gym!Today was different. I got to watch everyone sweat it out during the 5pm class! I really got to soak it all in. It sounds weird and it's kind of hard to explain but it made my heart full. ️ Seeing all of YOU finish that very tough WOD is beyond awesome to me & makes me even more proud of what we created almost 4 years ago! To our amazing coaches & our awesome family... I am grateful & I seriously love each & everyone of y'all! Thank you. Thank you for walking through those doors & giving it your all. Every day. YOU are BEDLAM. ️ #bedlamcrossfit#bedlamfamily#heartandsoul#crossfit#beyondspicy#hotandspicyfriday@squares09@witte1994@cassg22@scrawny_lonnie@ja_bedlam@kmcrisp@luis_ronquillo@mitchellandnesscf@taytottmac

Ed Billing - @theincurableitch Instagram Photo

Friday night dirty trash can nacho stack!#dirty#nachos#heartattack#beyondspicy#homemadefood#fatbastard

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