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Jiří Švanda (@jirisvanda) Instagram Profile Photojirisvanda

Jiří Švanda

Krásný koncert na dobrou věc.#epic #concert #ben 1670560013373291995
frostgreen (@frostgreen) Instagram Profile Photofrostgreen


"The time has come dates and location r set. Who's 1670541312757339473

"The time has come dates and location r set. Who's ready for the knft cannabis workahops?"@the_worlds_last_hope@ancientdank#knf#knft#workshop#nextlevel#invitation#education#organic#beneficial#clean#koreannaturefarming#learnand maybe #burn

Health & Wellness Entrepeneur (@healthylifestyle_26) Instagram Profile Photohealthylifestyle_26

Health & Wellness Entrepeneur

HEMPLADE TEA (@hemplade_tea) Instagram Profile Photohemplade_tea


Clement Oladipo (@bedstuygardenguy) Instagram Profile Photobedstuygardenguy

Clement Oladipo


Fun Fact Friday: The monarch butterfly is in the Danaidae family (milkweed butterflies). Their scientific name is Danaus plexippus, which in Greek literally means "sleepy transformation." They can be found in North and South America, Australia, New Zealand as well as parts of Europe and Hawaii. They have four life stages which include: egg, larvae or caterpillar, pupa, and adult.Monarchs lay their eggs on the underside of milkweed leaves only. They can lay up to 500 eggs, which they do one at a time, however only one out of twenty eggs will survive to adulthood.While in the caterpillar stage they can consume and entire milkweed leave in less than 5 minutes. While eating the milkweed they are also storing poison called cardiac glycosides from milkweed, whicheffects vertebrates but is ineffective to invertebrates. This is their defense againstpredators like lizards bird and frogs. While in this stage they gain 27000 times their weight by only eating milkweed. They also eat the layer of skin that is shed through the metamorphic process.Following the pupa stage the caterpillar becomes an adult. In this stage the male is distinguished by having two black dots on ints hind wings. The female does not have any spots. Males also discharge a chemical from their rear wing glands to help attract a mate.Monarch also have a broad spectrum of colors and can see UV light that humans cannot. They are also unique because they taste with their feet, smell with their antennas and use their eyes to locate flowers, in which they feed on nectar and water by sipping/sucking with a tube called proboscisAnother interesting fact is that the butterflies do not have lungs but breath through tiny vents in their thorax/abdomen called spiracles. They can also fly from 12- 25 miles per hour and have been tracked at flying over 250 miles in a single day. This is done when they migrate 3000 miles from North America/Canada to Central Mexico to escape the cold weather up north. For more information… read a book#bedstuygardenguy#bedstuy#garden#guy#funfactfriday#brooklyn#nyc#monarch#butterfly#monarchbutterfly#milkweed#hostplant#beneficial#savethebutterflies

Kelly Burgess (@kellyburgess1978) Instagram Profile Photokellyburgess1978

Kelly Burgess

Friday night is face lift night!! Woohoo in prepar 1670489999543307664

Friday night is face lift night!! Woohoo in preparation for party time tomorrow night.#party#facelift#newskin #natural#pure#beneficial#noanimalcruelty#vegan #nogluten#nodiary#kosher #begoodtoyourself#arbonne#uk

I'm here to educate, and love. (@knzstarryeyed) Instagram Profile Photoknzstarryeyed

I'm here to educate, and love.

Shapbates (@shapbates) Instagram Profile Photoshapbates


I am so ready for 2018! I am ready to reset, refre 1670478331936486738

I am so ready for 2018! I am ready to reset, refresh and renew my mind, body and spirit.I am going to go through the next clean eating challenge and I would love to have 5-10 people go through it with me! I will help you along the journey to getting healthy and staying healthy. Message me for details!#gethealthy#stayhealthy#veganprotein#vegancertified#pure#safe#beneficial#arbonne#beyou#biggerthanme#moretolife