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As someone who was bullied and tormented about my1667585919932569929

As someone who was bullied and tormented about my looks, appearance, for being “too quiet” and for countless other reasons. This strikes a nerve with me and broke my heart, as memories of my own experience filled my mind. At some point or another people need to take bullying seriously. People say “just go tell”, ok fine you go tell the teachers, principles or whomever else and 90% of the time all the bully gets is a talking to. The bullies don’t have repercussions to their actions and then the bullying only gets worse and the torment continues. The school systems need to be held to a higher standard, parents need to be held to a higher standard if your child is a bully. I for one am sick of seeing kids, teensand adults go through what I went through and worse, all because those ignorant people can’t understand why someone is different than them. Instead of trying to understand someone, they’d rather make fun of who that person is as well maybe things that person can’t control. However the worst part is, kids who were bullied like myself. Sometimes even years after the bullying sticks with you and even though it’s over. Your confidence, your outlook on yourself, your own mental health is not the same. The person you were before the bullying is different than the person you are now. To everyone who has children, please have a talk with your kids about bullying and why it’s not ok.Talk to your kids about spreading kindness and being positive role models.Kindness needs to outweigh hate, especially in today’s society. I still can’t believe in 2017 we still need to emphasize how important being a good person is. #keatonjones#istandwithkeaton#bullying#bullyingawareness#stopthehate#mentalhealth#love#kindness#lovetrumpshate#bekind#stopbullying#loveoneanother

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I had to post this!! I just truly believe this wit 1667587831142480084

I had to post this!! I just truly believe this with all my heart!! ️ Sometimes I think people treat people so cruel, and sometimes its not intentional, its because they are hurting inside themselves...I’ve seen it, and I’ve been the brunt of it. And thats when we have to look inside them and see who they truly are, and know they mean no harm, and that they are just hurting of course, that does not excuse how they treated someone, but it does make it understandable. But it does warrant an apology, and maybe a coffee and donut!️️ Kidding! We all go through so much in this life, and we all have a back story, some easy, some so hard that its hard to want to keep going, but, thats life, its a challenge in itself, you never quite, tomorrow is a new day, yesterday is gone. God gives his toughest challenges to his strongest warriors!! I do believe that!! #lovethis #meaning #life #bestrong #understanding #challenges #haveaheart #heart #love #patience #tolerance #care #bekind #notcruel #weallhaveissues #look #seeeachother #dontbecruel #unique #gentle

Monday Mood ~FULL! Reach out and hug someone!F 1667587492846777819

Monday Mood ~FULL! Reach out and hug someone!Find your people~they will show you how it feels to B.loved#bloved#heartfull#bekind#goodness#kindnesscounts#givehugs#listen#inspire#embrace#liftup#grateful

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