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Zero Beat (@s4gem4n) Instagram Profile Photos4gem4n

Zero Beat

Zero Beat (@s4gem4n) Instagram Photo

You will never guess the name of this sample.No one in Hip-Hop will.I have told you all before and I'll say it again. My repetoire is untouchable. Good luck catching up. I'm not fucking around when I say I have mastered musical production and the art of finding a beat.This is what it means to be unbitable.

F.O.E Nation Under God (@johnnyblazemuzic_f.o.e) Instagram Profile Photojohnnyblazemuzic_f.o.e

F.O.E Nation Under God

F.O.E Nation Under God (@johnnyblazemuzic_f.o.e) Instagram Photo

Watch Me KILL THE #beatOn The #grindmodecypherVolume 4 #denver#coloradoNow On #youtubeSHOUT OUT TO ALL THE #emceesTHEY ARE SOME OF THE DOPEST ARTISTS IN THE GAME RIGHT NOW GO.CHECK IT OUT

🏁 Variasi & aksesoris motor 🏁 (@shans_autoconcept) Instagram Profile Photoshans_autoconcept

🏁 Variasi & aksesoris motor 🏁

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