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Isabelle Saint-Pierre (@isabellesaintpierre) Instagram Profile Photoisabellesaintpierre

Isabelle Saint-Pierre

Isabelle Saint-Pierre (@isabellesaintpierre) Instagram Photo
Comb RidgeReportShareDownload352

“Well, hello there,” I thought to myself, stumbling upon some petroglyphs on one of my many hikes in the Bears Ears National Monument.I spent about a month this year hiking, backpacking, exploring, and just getting to know and understand what this national monument is all about, knowing the threats it faces. While it is a huge monument at 1.35 million acres, once you explore it, you’ll come to understand why it is so large; you simply cannot hike in any canyon within the monument and not stumble upon ancient Indian ruins of some kind. Every canyon, every hike, I found some form of ruin, something worthy of being protected.In my personal opinion, any proposed changes to the monument that do not include Comb Ridge or Cedar Mesa is a joke. Every single canyon in these areas contains ruins and items that need protecting. Out of the entire monument, these two areas seem richest in history, artifacts, petroglyphs, and ruins, but that’s just my opinion…#adventure#backpacking#bearsearsnationalmonument#diaryofawanderess#getoutstayout#hike#hiking#hikingadventures#keepitpublic#nature#nofilter#optoutside#outdoorlife#outdoors#outdoorwomen#outside#petroglyph#publiclands#rei1440project#solotravel#southwest#utah#wanderess#wanderlust#wildernessculture#womenwhohike

Aaron O'Brien (@ajoarts) Instagram Profile Photoajoarts

Aaron O'Brien

Aaron O'Brien (@ajoarts) Instagram Photo

A design of childhood memories. Exploring boulder fields with my parents as a kid revealed the simple yet beautiful glyph. 20+ years later exploring boulder fields with my fiance , it appears again. Some serious #dejavu#rockart#beautyinsimplicity#spiralout#bearsears#bearsearsnationalmonument#petroglyphs

Alex Sanchez (@yo_baby_sup) Instagram Profile Photoyo_baby_sup

Alex Sanchez

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Procession Panel / Comb Ridge. This was the best. We wandered off into the wilderness only having a vague idea where it was at a mile marker on a dirt road. Hiked 2 miles up a steep slope and came right to it. 100s of animal, human and lizard figures 30+ feet long. #mst3k

Alex Sanchez (@yo_baby_sup) Instagram Profile Photoyo_baby_sup

Alex Sanchez

Alex Sanchez (@yo_baby_sup) Instagram Photo

House on fucking fire ruin, mule canyon.

Alex Sanchez (@yo_baby_sup) Instagram Profile Photoyo_baby_sup

Alex Sanchez

Alex Sanchez (@yo_baby_sup) Instagram Photo
Cedar MesaReportShareDownload7100

The awesome broken roof ruin, Cedar Mesa/ bears ears.

Alex Molo (@molodamus) Instagram Profile Photomolodamus

Alex Molo

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"If the desert is holy, it is because it is a forgotten place that allows us to remember the sacred. Perhaps that is why every pilgrimage to the desert is a pilgrimage to the self." -Terry Tempest Williams. Even an overcast day in Bears Ears is stunning. #bearsearsnationalmonument#fishcreekowlcreek

Rich Wheater (@richwheaterphoto) Instagram Profile Photorichwheaterphoto

Rich Wheater

Rich Wheater (@richwheaterphoto) Instagram Photo

With all this rain saturating Vancouver, and with just a few weeks left ’til road trip time, I’m starting to get very, very excited about the desert once again. The stark contrast in landscapes when compared to the rainforest is so refreshing. I love them both! Here’s a snap of Mandy Wong near the top of the Indian Creek classic "Quarter of a Man”. #indiancreek#desertrock@metoliusclimbing@blackdiamond#bearsearsnationalmonument

Scott Brunmeier (@sbruncloud) Instagram Profile Photosbruncloud

Scott Brunmeier

Scott Brunmeier (@sbruncloud) Instagram Photo

Bursts of life are abundant along this not so remote corridor of Bears Ears National Monument.Feeling refreshed after finding this small seep, Hick'ry, @tyajohnson3and I headed back up to the highlands to continue working the land. Cleaning up and repairing the earth plaster on the church were the tasks at hand. Hop over to @home_of_truthto see the progress.#bearsearsnationalmonument#bearsears#utah#utahgram#ranchlife#believeinmarie

Amber (@ofmountainsanddogs) Instagram Photo

“Time seems very thin in this landscape, as if one could reach across a thousand years merely by crouching over a lost pottery sherd.”-House of Rain, Craig Childs..Trump is threatening multiple different monuments in the Southwest region of the United States for oil, including Bears Ears National Monument, Chaco Canyon and Canyon of the Ancients. This is sacred land that deserves to be preserved for our children and grandchildren. By destroying these monuments we effectively destroy ourselves. I challenge you to get loud, protect our monuments and parks. Seven years ago, the Navajo tribal council in southeastern Utah started mapping the secret sites. They made a case for protecting the landscape known as Bears Ears, a place sacred not only to their tribe but to many other tribes in the region, going back thousands of years. In President Obama’s final month in office he designated 1.35 million-acre Bears Ears National Monument. This not only protected the unique ecology, the archeological sites, but also the Native People’s sovereignty. This is what a real president does, he protects these scared places and he preserves them for future generations. I can’t put into words how disgusted I am by our pretend president. I am mad as hell. We must do everything in our power to protect these monuments for generations and generations to come...#defendbearsears#defendcanyonoftheancients#defendchacocanyon#notmypresident#protectourparks#ourwild#hopeisreal#getoutstayout#wanderingsoul#wekeepmoments#wildvisuals#optoutside#rei1440project#keepitwild#canyonoftheancients#chacocanyon#bearsearsnationalmonument

НОМЕРА|СИМ|НАКРУТКА ( Instagram Profile



Repost from @natgeo@toprankrepost#toprankrepostPhoto by @argonautphoto(Aaron Huey). Grand Gulch winds snake-like through 60 miles of sandstone on Cedar Mesa in #bearsearsnationalmonument , Utah.Archeological finds in the Gulch reveal 15,000 years of human habitation. On assignment for Nat Geo this week looking at the heated battle over public lands and the administration’s desire to dramatically shrink the Monument’s boundaries.The story is very complex and layered here on the ground.Follow me at @argonautphotofor behind the scenes video and photos all this week.

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