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David Rivera

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pic taken with a (get this) camera! 1994 a young DR... #lakers6#ejones#18yrsold#damnimold#baller


Hey y'all last night I had the best Thanksgiving dinner of my life. @gabriellestravellesand I decided that we wanted to BALL OUT on this dinner so I picked the cheapest place I could find lol. We ended up she Royal Orchid Sheraton only to find out it was a 5 STAR HOTEL which we were unprepared for so we got a beautiful river view table and ate unlimited food for 4 HOURS. Literally I think I ate 7 plates of food but unsure although 3 of those plates were pasta. The hotel staff literally asked our permission to close the buffet 3 times because we were the only ones who kept eating lol #baller . Anyways then we stole a bunch of cheese and threw it in my purse ayy lmao!

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