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Breathe Back To Life (@breathebacktolife) Instagram Profile Photobreathebacktolife

Breathe Back To Life

️Footspeps in the snow️We all leave our tracks al 1668922464866677101

️Footspeps in the snow️We all leave our tracks along the way, we always leave our little traces. It's one of nature's ways. Where ever we go whatever we do. We leave something behind, - with our words, our thoughts and our actions, - a part of us, an impression, a feeling, a memory, - stepping from there - to here and now.Let us be present and aware of each single step.Much love ️️️..#footsteps#snow#now#present#life#awareness

Gary Esaïe WHAW (@esaiiewhaw) Instagram Profile Photoesaiiewhaw

Gary Esaïe WHAW

The 21 Club (@the21clubofcny) Instagram Profile Photothe21clubofcny

The 21 Club

Please help us welcome our newest 21 Club member,1668922113216835136

Please help us welcome our newest 21 Club member, Gracie Curtis, and her family.Welcome to the club Curtis family!

Cristian Stankovski (@cristian_stankovski) Instagram Profile Photocristian_stankovski

Cristian Stankovski

Placephilosophy__________________________________ 1668922127780105914

Placephilosophy________________________________________Que es el Lugar?El lugar es una posición que podemos definir en base a unas referencias. En nuestro mundo actual ya no se piensa el espacio como una tela absoluta que llenan los objetos. El espacio de la postmodernidad existe solo como posibilidad esperando a ser llenado por objetos, no existe fehacientemente hasta que los objetos no ocupan un lugar, deforman el espacio-tiempo gravitatorio y definen puntos de referencia. El lugar antropocéntrico es el lugar que el individuo ocupa, es un espacio de apertura que acompaña consigo todo el tiempo. Nuestro lugar y nuestro momento esalgo existencial, es decir es trágico en nosotros. La tragedia del lugar humano significa el lugar donde todas las cosas ocurren; no ocurren cosas hasta que no hay “un lugar” especial para que esas cosas ocurran: la presencia humana.________________________________________What is the Place?The place is a position that we can define based on some references. In our current world space is no longer thought of as an absolute tissue that objects fill. The space of postmodernity exists only as a possibility waiting to be filled by objects, it doesn’t exist reliably until the objects don’t occupy a place, deform the gravitational space-time and define points of reference. The anthropocentric place is the place that the individual occupies, it’s a space of opening that accompanies him all the time. Our place and our moment is something existential, that is, it’s tragic in us. The tragedy of the human place means the place where all things happen; things don’t happen until there is a special "place" for these things to happen: the human presence.By @cristian_stankovski[All rights reserved ©]#phylosophy#wordporn#writerscommunity#words#writersofig#bnw#bnwlovers#spilledink#prose#wordgasm#thoughts#minds#think#overthink#awareness#quotes#life#being#existence#trustyourgut#keeplearning

LoveStrugglesBooks (@lovestrugglesbooks) Instagram Profile Photolovestrugglesbooks


“Murderers are doing their best. Their best is to1668921990850933877

“Murderers are doing their best. Their best is to murder. “- Brene Brown That statement and truth really changed me. We get stuck in the they could have, should have stories but the truth is they did and it’s done. That was their best. A mother neglecting a child was her best. A spouse cheating and lying was his or her best. What they “could” or “should” offer you— They DID. It’s DONE. Some offered it more than once, more than YEARS. “When people show you who they are, believe them”- Maya Angelou Everyday people show you their best by OFFERING it to you. Some people’s best is dangerous, destructive, and abusive. Better that you wake up to that truth now and make your BEST decision about their best. #lovestruggles#areturntoself#romeojballayan#emotionalmentalhealth#livingahealthierlife#personalquote#book#videos#like4like#followforfollow#quotes#motivational#relationships#interpersonalrelationships#codependency#selfesteem#suicideawareness#selfhelp#amazonauthors#inspirational#transformational#mentoring#coaching#peace#wisdom#spirituality#empowerment#awareness#accountability

Life Coaching & Healing (@dexterandalessandrina) Instagram Profile Photodexterandalessandrina

Life Coaching & Healing

Join us every Saturday at 10.45 am to find answers 1668921786698620213

Join us every Saturday at 10.45 am to find answers to your most pressing questions and accelerate towards your intentions and goals while enhancing all aspects of your life experience.Meditation is the process of self-knowledge and understanding your own mind, thoughts, emotions, and behaviors so that you can let go of the ones that don’t serve you and focus intentionally on what is useful and supportive of your intentions and goals.For more information on our weekly events and others, visit

Laura Petruccelli (@theinvisibleboyivanovic) Instagram Profile Phototheinvisibleboyivanovic

Laura Petruccelli

You held onto my finger it was in that moment you1668920442617838584

You held onto my finger it was in that moment you still somehow managed to amaze me and your papaIn the moment of death dawning apon you you grabbed tight ofmy finger every so often slightly lifting your tiny fingers to grip mineYour clammy little palm wrapped around one finger holding on so tightAnd it was that moment we noticed you were trying to communicate with usYou could barely open your eyesEvery so often you shuffled your chest releasing a sound of fluid and rustling apon your little lungs a sound I'll never forget but through it all you desperately hung onYour finger tips loosing colourI remember trying to breathe life back into youMy sister asked today " at this point did you know he was going to die " ?I did, I truly did and not being able to help you in some way when I know I was built in my heart to do what was right to fight and to nurture to save you and heal you and I could do none of these things but comfort your dying soulI'll never forget the feel of your tiny hand wrapping around my fingerIt was as though you were saying stay here mamma right were I can feel youYou were just 10 months and 24 days old to think you had to bare it allI'll love you forever my love no amount of time that passes will ever change thatMissing your sweet soulLove manna xx ️#mylove#ivanovic#grief#imissyou#infantloss#mamma#bsby#boy#chd#awareness#thereisnoend#mylove#grief#family#why#dreams#bereaved#loss

Cristian Stankovski (@cristian_stankovski) Instagram Profile Photocristian_stankovski

Cristian Stankovski

Anthropocentrismphilosophy_______________________ 1668921478895897697

Anthropocentrismphilosophy________________________________________Que es el Antropocentrismo?En las sociedades se forjan las forman de pensar que definen a los individuos y su modo de encauzar los mundos que les atañen.Cuando una civilización es prospera, no hay guerras y hay buena salud entre sus gentes; usualmente suele ser una sociedad centrada en el estudio del mundo. Cuando una sociedad entra en crisis, la guerra los aflige y las relaciones se desmoronan los individuos se vuelven antropocéntricos: ellos buscan respuestas y soluciones para solucionar sus problemas y aliviar su sufrimiento. Este segundo tipo de personas pierde el sentido por lo cosmológico o lo global, y se centra más en lo personal como: el amor, el dolor, la depresión, el crecimiento personal, la autorrealización, el progreso económico, el logro de metas, etc... Nuestra sociedad es antropocéntrica masivamente, solo unos pocos tienen tiempo para pensar en el mundo y no en sí mismos.________________________________________What is the Anthropocentrism?In societies are forged the forms of thinking that define individuals and their way of channeling the worlds that concern them. When a civilization is prosperous, there are no wars and there is good health among its people; usually it’s a society focused on the study of the world. When a society goes into crisis, war afflicts them and relationships fall apart, individuals become anthropocentric: they seek answers and solutions to solve their problems and alleviate their suffering. This second type of people loses consciousness by the cosmological or the global level, and focuses more on the personal as: love, pain, depression, personal growth, self-realization, economic progress, achievement of goals, etc... Our society is massively anthropocentric, only a few have time to think about the world and not about themselves.By @cristian_stankovski[All rights reserved ©]#phylosophy#wordporn#writerscommunity#words#writersofig#bnw#bnwlovers#spilledink#prose#wordgasm#thoughts#minds#think#overthink#awareness#quotes#life#being#existence#trustyourgut#keeplearning