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On Friday BCFT and Airline Pilot Academy celebrate 1672477285876675467

On Friday BCFT and Airline Pilot Academy celebrated Christmas with our joint Staff and Student party at our student accommodation on the west cliff in Bournemouth.All our students and staff came together and enjoyed Fish and Chips and plenty of beer and wine, celebrating a successful year full of achievement and success.We also organised for a Casino, with Roulette and Blackjack, using only fake money, the prizes on offer for those who won included tasty chocolates and champagne.Airline Pilot Academy students stole the show at the Casino, showing that they aren’t just good pilots, they’re also good at counting cards to. BCFT’s students were represented on the leader board by Team France, made up of Antoine, Martial, Pierre and Thomas. Check out the final standings below.A fantastic night was had by all, special thanks to Ellie our customer service coordinator who spent many hours organising the event ensuring it ran smoothly and of course Bob our MD who enabled it to all happen.Now for one more week of hard work before Christmas!Interested in training with us? Head to or email us at info@bcft.aerofor more information. #flyblackadder#bcft#bournemouth#pilot#flying#aviation#casino#commercialpilot#airlinepilot

R༙.U༙.S༙.E༙ Aviation﷽ (@ruseofosiris) Instagram Profile Photoruseofosiris

R༙.U༙.S༙.E༙ Aviation﷽

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Orkun Sahin

I’m under A350 wings!!Whose wings are you under?1672476680353414943

I’m under A350 wings!!Whose wings are you under?Ben A350’nin kanatlarinin altindayim.Siz kimin kanatlarinin altindasiniz?