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Maximizing Your Holiday Value (@holidaymulu) Instagram Profile Photoholidaymulu

Maximizing Your Holiday Value

Maximizing Your Holiday Value (@holidaymulu) Instagram Photo

I decided to take Business and Economy class each way for my trip to Jogja so I could test both out for Batik Air. The biggest plus for the Business class are very comfortable big seats and a meal on board. Both Economy and Business had a tv entertainment system equipped in their seats and the economy seats were pretty comfortable too. Will I take it again? Maybe. But I would either splurge on Garuda’s domestic Business class with a small price increase (especially with travel fair prices) or just save the money with Batik comfortable-enough Economy class for a short flight. One thing for sure, Batik air is a huge upgrade from lion air with only a slight price difference....Pas ke Jogja, aku mencoba Batik Air punya kelas bisnis untuk berangkat dan ekonominya untuk pulang. Yang plusnya dari kelas bisnis adalah bangku yang besar dan dapat makanan pas penerbangan. Dua-dua kelasnya ada system entertainment yang bisa nonton tayangan pilihan kamu. Apakah saya akan memakai kelas bisnis Batik Air lagi? Kenapa ga. Tetapi saya mendingan ambil kelas Bisnis Garuda dengan kenaikan harga sedikit (apalagi dengan harga travel fair) ataupun sekalian berhemat pake kelas ekonomi Batik Air yang sudah cukup nyaman untuk penerbangan domestik. Tetapi yang pasti, Batik Air jauh lebih nyaman dibanding Lion Air dan harganya tidak teralu beda jauh.- @thewanderingbaldy

vasilisATH (@vasilisath_porgiazis) Instagram Photo

Aegean Airlines (Swiftair) NOV2011ATR ATR-72-500 (ATR-72-212A)EC-KUL (cn 809)Πτήση με προορισμό την Κεφαλλονιά πάνω απο την Πελοπόννησο.#propeler#aegeanairlines#atr72500#avgeek#aegeanmomentsbyvasilisath#avgeeks#planegeek#flight#greece#hellas

takejet.official (@takejet.official) Instagram Profile Phototakejet.official


takejet.official (@takejet.official) Instagram Photo

Вопрос: На борту самолета не так много места, сколько заранее подготовлено? И как пища нагревается на борту?️ Упаковка продуктов для самолетов является одной из главных задач, даже на крупных корпоративных авиакомпаниях. Много денег и времени было потрачено на исследование идеальной упаковки.Большинство самолетов оснащено духовкой или, по крайней мере, микроволновой печью, но они всегда имеют тенденцию быть очень маленькими, и это затрудняет задачу для стюардессы.Новые самолеты, такие как Gulfstream G650 или Bombardier Global 6000 , очень хорошо оснащены хорошей конвекционной духовкой и даже паровой духовкой.Packaging food for an aircraft is one of our main challenges, even on large corporate airlines. A lot of money and time was spent on researching the ideal packaging.Most aircraft are equipped with an oven or at least a microwave but they always tend to be very small, and this renders the task difficult for the flight attendant.Newer aircraft like the Gulfstream G650 or Bombardier Global 6000 are very well equipped with a good sized convection oven and even a steam oven.#takejet#readyjetgo#privatejet#privatejets#privatejetlife#privatejetcharter#jetlife#luxuryjet#flyprivate#airtravel#aviation#traveltheworld#avgeeks#emptyleg#charter#businessjet#travel#travellife

Wings4Kidz (@wings4kidz) Instagram Profile Photowings4kidz



Jemimah has travelled down to Sydney for an operation, the fast trip in the PC12 means she is able to cut what could be a few days worth of driving, with stops due to her condition, to a 1 hour flight. Once she is ready, we will fly her and her Dad back home so she can recover with her family and be ready for some Christmas fun :)

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