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Caroline Johnson (@vanilla_mexicana) Instagram Profile Photovanilla_mexicana

Caroline Johnson

Caroline Johnson (@vanilla_mexicana) Instagram Photo

Am I millennial enough yet? #avacadotoast

Courtney Rose, RHN (@prana_nutrition) Instagram Profile Photoprana_nutrition

Courtney Rose, RHN

sara fix (@hellosarafix) Instagram Profile Photohellosarafix

sara fix

sara fix (@hellosarafix) Instagram Photo

i am so basic #avacadotoast

Alexa Lasam (@asianpersuasiann) Instagram Profile Photoasianpersuasiann

Alexa Lasam

Alexa Lasam (@asianpersuasiann) Instagram Photo

When in college, legitimate breaks are a myth. Avocado Toast, Brown Sugar Rosemary Latte, & an unwritten paper

Make Salad Great Again 🌱 (@spinach_tooth) Instagram Profile Photospinach_tooth

Make Salad Great Again 🌱

Make Salad Great Again 🌱 (@spinach_tooth) Instagram Photo

KEEPIN’ IT TOASTYToasted Whole Grain Rye bread with a layer of spreadable Brie. Mmmm CREAMY!Next: one half smashed avocado ( I mixed in some homemade curry, you gotta try it!) On Top: vertically sliced baby cucumber 🥒, sliced radish, sauerkraut for #guthealth , a nice ripe tomato . Garnish: with the other half of your avocado, micro greens , and the kicker.. #hotsauceand lots of it.HAPPY HUMP DAY! .....#humpday#lunch@toastsforall#toasts#avacado#healthylunch#balancedlife#playwithyourfood#garnish#hotsauce@hotsauce_lovers#avacadotoast#avocadotoast#avotoast

BlackDogLA (@blackdogla) Instagram Profile Photoblackdogla


BlackDogLA (@blackdogla) Instagram Photo

#repost@jamesmoore415Looking for a little healthy before you eat your heart out tomorrow? Give this little toast a try...gobble gobble. 🥑・・・#avacadotoast#wilshiredistrict#losangeles

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