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Kristin Kullberg, BS, CPT - @kristinkullberg Instagram Profile Photokristinkullberg

Kristin Kullberg, BS, CPT

Kristin Kullberg, BS, CPT - @kristinkullberg Instagram Photo

Perfect day for some outdoor training!Today’s conditioning workout:1. Interval sprints: 15 sec on, 45 sec off — 5x2. 1 min burpees followed by 15 sec mountain climbers, then decrease the burpee time by 15 sec and increase mountain climber time by 15 sec, until you reach 15 sec burpees, 1 min mountain climbers3. Suicides: 5, 10, 15, 20 yards — 5x4. 1 min hollow body holds, 3xMake today count!#conditioningday#trackworkout#trainlikeanathlete#runnershigh#outdoorworkout#getactive#getoutsideandplay#livelonger#livestronger#trackandfield#newbalancerunning#sportsfuel

Will Martin - @itswillmartin Instagram Profile Photoitswillmartin

Will Martin

Will Martin - @itswillmartin Instagram Photo

Why did the Blonde throw her favourite doll on the grill?She thought it was a Barbie-Q!#bbq#joke#hilarious#iknowimfunny@harroski@rascal_optics@chaletmadarao@chaletmyoko

Maggie - @maggiesmunches Instagram Photo

Snacking game A++I'm ALWAYS hungry so I wanted to show you guys what healthy snacks I take on soccer trips️#snackhappyI'm currently trying to pack & get ahead on homework that I'm missing next week ‍DEETS:@traderjoesflax and chia peanut butter, honey crisp apples, carrot sticks, a shi$ ton of homemade trail mix, @bearnakedgranolaTriple Berry granola && protein granola

Joe Sundborg - @sportstherapybyjoe Instagram Profile Photosportstherapybyjoe

Joe Sundborg

Joe Sundborg - @sportstherapybyjoe Instagram Photo

Credit @fit_delisfor the picture.This photo shows some of the top foods for water intake. You do not have to be drinking 4 litres of water a day to stay #hydratedHowever the picture indicates the importance of regular fruit and veg in your diet.Hydration benefits include good #digestionreduced headaches, improves memory and attention span and helps keep #muscleshealthy thus reducing injury chances. ️️‍️#eatyourwater#injuryprevention#musclehealth#injuryadvice#waterisimportant#fitness#healthyfood#health#training#athletesdiet#foodisfuel#water#fruitandveg#nevergohungry#sportstherapist#sportstherapylife#privatepractice#cliniclife#nutritionadvice#healthymindandbody#surrey#epsom#cheamvillage#ewellvillage

Maggie - @maggiesmunches Instagram Photo

Late 10am start for school today and I am LIVINGI got to sleep in & I didn't go do my morning workout like normal bc sometimes you just gotta listen to your body ya knowAlso: BIG news!! I made the ODP Region III team (they choose players from 11 diff states to represent the region) for soccer & this upcoming Saturday- Friday I'll be in FL playing the other regions!!️I've worked so hard for this & I'm super excited for the opportunity to play w/ some of the best players in the countryDEETS:@krogerquinoa and sprouted grain toast, sautéed greens, fried egg && Greek yogurt, pomegranate seeds, honey crisp apple and of course @traderjoesflax & chia pb

Maggie - @maggiesmunches Instagram Photo

Good morning guys!!Sorry for being MIA the last 2 daysAlso btw buying khakis is the hardest thing in the worrrrld (I went to 5 diff stores & the ones I got are still ill fitting🤦‍️)Here's some yummy oats from this weekend ( loving these pomegranates)DEETS:Whole oats with frozen blueberries, banana, pomegranate seeds and @traderjoespb

Timperley WLax - @timperleywlax Instagram Profile Phototimperleywlax

Timperley WLax

Timperley WLax - @timperleywlax Instagram Photo
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