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Great session on Saturday for #primal#barbellclub. We're working on owning the lower portion of the squat with 1.5 squats. This also allows for confidence coming out of the hole with a maximal lift.

Fearless | Fitness Apparel ™ (@livefearlessbrand) Instagram Profile Photolivefearlessbrand

Fearless | Fitness Apparel ™

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Our FRLS Unisex Lightweight Hoodie is selling out fast!.This lightweight hoodie is the perfect top for these colder days. Grab this #hoodieand other winter gear on our site! ------------------------------------------️️️️️️️️️️️️W W W . F E A R L E S S F I T A P P A R E L . C O M@livefearlessbrand#livefearless

Anton Beukes / CT South Africa (@anton__beukes) Instagram Profile Photoanton__beukes

Anton Beukes / CT South Africa

Im working towards what many say is impossible, i1672700316473985674

Im working towards what many say is impossible, i want my first shot from retention in the low 0.4's even breaking the 0.4 sec mark. While they talk im working towards reaching my goals..

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Stacey Nemour

#beforeafter via Skype with @divyabiswalShe is o 1672701116083416054

#beforeaftervia Skype with @divyabiswalShe is on team Canada #trackandfield& needed to be able to throw her arms back higher to have proper form for triple #jump . Her arm #resultsin the 1st 15 minutes of (with Stacey Stretch Strap)our session -happy to announce she will be 1 of #athletesfeatured in upcoming #flexibilityUniversity courses for extreme #sportsto purchase Strap & all things Flexibility

Check out @m_phelps1 and son Boomer playing with t 1672700139523149814

Check out @m_phelps1and son Boomer playing with the 3-in-1 Sports Zone! Athletes start with Little Tikes! #littletikes#imaginationsinmotion#activeplay#basketball#soccer#bowling#toy#athletes#athletesstarthere