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-some of the only good pages in my sketchbook

-I’m making this up as I go along. another 2 days 1667542568992017229

-I’m making this up as I go along. another 2 days of the art exam ️

Tomas Valdivia (@tomivaldivia) Instagram Profile Phototomivaldivia

Tomas Valdivia

Winter formal 17️ con los cabros

Instagram Photo taken by ironsides_art 1666057447363600280

For future reference: flattish base layer, then yellow, then orange, then pink, then red, then blue -shade, then light blue-highlight, then white. Following that (which I haven't done yet), lips-shades if pink, red and white highlight. Fix nose as highlight is too large and orange needs to be thicker. Eyes and eyebrows- I know you are scared but add that detail, use black (ah). Then hair and merging background. Then move into the other 2 faces.