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Cantinho Da Sabedoria (@sophiafs009) Instagram Profile Photosophiafs009

Cantinho Da Sabedoria

Cantinho Da Sabedoria (@sophiafs009) Instagram Photo
Rushan West (@rushanwest) Instagram Profile Photorushanwest

Rushan West

Rushan West (@rushanwest) Instagram Photo

Op een woensdagavond werd ik gebeld door rest is #history.. @soundflowbeatsbedankt voor het openen van die deur bro ️ at this point #anythingcouldhappen#nextmove#thebestisyettocome

onebookend (@onebookend) Instagram Profile Photoonebookend


onebookend (@onebookend) Instagram Photo

I have to say this was quite the disappointment. The synopsis promised so much. Too much I guess as this book was a jumbled, unfocused mess. Almost nothing seemed to be pertinent to the plot, if there actually was one. The characters were also extremely flat and suddenly started acting much younger halfway through the novel. Sadly can’t say I’d recommend this to anyone. #instabooks#instabook#bookstagram#reading#read2017#goodreadsreadingchallenge2017#anythingcouldhappen#willwalton#nothingdidhappen#lgbt#yafiction#wouldnotrecommend

Jonathan Herrera Rodriguez. ♪ (@isjonathanhr) Instagram Profile Photoisjonathanhr

Jonathan Herrera Rodriguez. ♪

Jonathan Herrera Rodriguez. ♪ (@isjonathanhr) Instagram Photo

Si yo siento que tu alma se desboca, si no llego con mi beso hasta tu boca, si me pierdo en el tesoro de esté cuento, nunca llegó, nunca encuentro en ti, me iré de aquí, me iré sin ti y no habrá un lugar en este mundo para estar si ya, me despedí!! #anythingcouldhappen#theimpossiblecanbepossible#neversurrendermd#musicloversby: @standcruz

Kath Goulding (@kathgoulding) Instagram Profile Photokathgoulding

Kath Goulding

Kath Goulding (@kathgoulding) Instagram Photo
Kobe Losenada🌈 (@epicbibliophile) Instagram Profile Photoepicbibliophile

Kobe Losenada🌈

Kobe Losenada🌈 (@epicbibliophile) Instagram Photo

Have you read Anything Could Happen by @willdwalton? This book was so good guys, even if the ending wasn't the one I was rooting for. The characters are very great, the plot is very comfortable and the writing style was very well done! I've been hoping to give this book a go and when I did, I had no regrets! I mean, this book was just full of love that you can't help but swoon over it. This is a very nice holiday read for all of you.Have you read this one? How are you doing? Let's talk!#anythingcouldhappen#willwalton#bookstagram#bookish#bibliophile#bookfeaturepage#bookphotography#booknerd#booknerdigans

Club Cumming (@clubcumming) Instagram Profile Photoclubcumming

Club Cumming

Club Cumming (@clubcumming) Instagram Photo
Club CummingReportShareDownload7104

Coming Dec 2nd, 9th and 16th to Club Cumming:Set in a Karaoke Bar, The Blind Date Project is an improvised meeting between two complete strangers (played by @bojnovakand a different performer every night) looking for connection.There is no script. All dialogue is created on the spot, and directions are sent to the actors are sent via text messages and phone calls by the director.The ending is undefined, so what happens is entirely up in the air. No two shows are ever the same.#theblinddateproject#clubcumming#improv#anythingcouldhappen

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