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💎 VINTAGE JEWELRY + MORE 💎 - @bemorevintage Instagram Profile Photobemorevintage


💎 VINTAGE JEWELRY + MORE 💎 - @bemorevintage Instagram Photo

[ #deardiary#myday#pawnshop#neighbors#diamonds#dinner] Chill but productive little #saturday !My laptop has died ( #bs!), so instead of spending the AM adding ebay listings (which I'd have preferred), I got outside & spent the entire morningsweeping and bagging leaves and trash from 50% of our entire city blocks #alley. Those of you that live a #citylifewill understand the importance,need, and aesthetic satisfaction that this type of work rewards one with. I just wish more people were into it. One neighbor joined me aaaaannnddd #funstory!! He found this #1906#penny !! After I nerded out & he teased me about giving it to his daughter,he gave it to me as a Thanks gift. It's pretty beat up,but a rad memento/reminder.I have no clue how he spotted it among all that shit and I wonder how long it's been there.Polishing it up as I write this. It's almost as old as our house :) I love #antiquecoins!Then, I spray painted an Ikea table , & brushed a green table red.Lastly,I took a trip to my favorite local jewelers to pick up thisdouble #turquoiseringthat I had sized down for the buyer.. Only $30 on the spot!EXACTLY what I'd quoted her! Size 11.25 down to 9 ( just for the record,I'll reiterate that I can resize any ring for ya'll - don't limit yourself! !) Anyway,I love this shop, always great results!Family-owned over 30 years, UNBELIEVABLE gold/diamond prices & they give me great discounts,in case you're looking! ;) ;) ;) SERIOUSLY...inexpensive diamonds and a fab collection of old #estatejewelry. I even sold them a handful of shop #diamondringsfor a mere fraction of their appraisal value,just to move on since they weren't selling :-( I also did my usualphoto shoot of #gemstonerings ,#engagementringsand #victorian& #georgianringsto send to some of my personal shopping clients/requests.Brian made a ridiculously delicious [#roastedchicken, potatoes , Crescent rolls ] dinner with the best homemade gravy I've EVER had,omg.Awin-win kinda day!Now, if only the #baltimoreravenscan give us a win tomorrow!

antiques atlas - @antiquesatlas Instagram Profile Photoantiquesatlas

antiques atlas

antiques atlas - @antiquesatlas Instagram Photo

A King Canute Solid Silver English Penny. A very rare english solid silver king canute penny. This item which dates to circa 1016- 1035 AD,is in excellent condition. Made by the moneyer DUNSIGE ON LONDON MINT. For Sale from The Antiques Centre York on Antiques Atlas. To locate the item type the id code ac040a601 into the search on

by Jenny Tucker - @faithandpearl Instagram Profile Photofaithandpearl

by Jenny Tucker

by Jenny Tucker - @faithandpearl Instagram Photo

All set up and ReaDy To RoCK the @silver2wearnmorebooth @funky_findsHoliday Shopping Extravaganza today & tomorrow at the Will Rogers Center in Ft. Worth!!! Come see us in cattle barn #2 !!! #funkyfinds#ftworth#silver2wearandmore#artisanjewelry#antiquecoins

Caribbean Jewellers - @caribbeanjewellers Instagram Profile Photocaribbeanjewellers

Caribbean Jewellers

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We got coins off the El Cazador shipwreck ️ #antiquecoins#shipwreckcoins#oldcoins

Marina Rios - @fancifuldevices Instagram Profile Photofancifuldevices

Marina Rios

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Making #assemblagejewelry from #vintagebitsmeans rearranging little things for five hours at a time, doing tiny tweaks, saying “hmm” and just staring for five more hours.I have these awesome coins and medals that are maybe not quite enough to be the stars of the show. I’m thinking of cascading them all together. #wipjewelry#handmadejewelry#handmadejewellery#antiquemedals#antiquecoins#vintagemedals#vintagecoins#recycledjewelry#recycledjewellery#fancifuldevices#assemblageart#mixedmediajewelry#mixedmediajewellery

Amy - @village_chic_designs Instagram Photo

Custom order for a wonderful friend, but she isn't keeping it for herself, she is gifting it at Christmas! #special#villagechicdesigns#jewellery#unique#customorders #pennyforyourthoughts#antiquecoins#oldkeysarebeautiful#madeinsaskatchewan#handcrafted#dragonflies

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