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Hannie edits/updates♡ (@annieee.leblaancc) Instagram Profile Photoannieee.leblaancc

Hannie edits/updates♡

Hannie edits/updates♡ (@annieee.leblaancc) Instagram Photo

heyy who’s active? #hannie#annieleblanc

♡bratayley facts; 0.5k (@theeleblanc) Instagram Profile Phototheeleblanc

♡bratayley facts; 0.5k


; GO FOLLOW MY ICON ACCOUNT!! @ilybratatoei have 4 icons up right now!! if you follow and comment something at least on one picture I'll give you a shout-out!!•••••••••#annieleblanc#bratyayley#hannie#hayleyleblanc#calebleblanc#kayden

Rain ☁| .7 K Loves (@trendinghannie) Instagram Profile Phototrendinghannie

Rain ☁| .7 K Loves


Chapter Fifteen -Annie's POVWe finish dinner and Kenzie's mom leaves. “You don't have clothes!” “Omg I don't.” “Let's have a onesie party!” Hayley yells. “Yeah you can use one of mine. And we can go to the mall tomorrow.” I thought this idea was perfect because there would be sales and the mall will close early so that sets our boundaries.I hand her a onesie and we change into them having a Dance party. I was happy that I found Kenzie. I handed her a blanket and lead her towards the back deck. We sit down and start a fire. “Let's talk about each other and get to know each other.” I tell her. “Well I'm 16 and used to live in Pittsburgh and I love to dance.” “Well I'm 15 and almost 16 I used to do gymnastics.” I smile at her. “I also like to sing.” We both say in sync. “When I was six years old I broke my leg. I was running from my brother and his friends.” She sings after putting the song on, on her phone. “And tasted the sweet perfume of the mountain grass I rolled down I was younger then, take me back to when I” I add on to her. we continue to sing together verse by verse. “And I'm on my way, I still remember. This old country lanes. When we did not know the answers. And I miss the way you make me feel, it's real. We watched the sunset over the castle on the hill.” We hug each other as we finish the song. “Your voice is amazing.” I tell her. “Thanks. I got a question to ask you.” I could tell her the truth. “Sure what's the question?” “You and Hayden. Are you guys dating or are a thing?” “He was? Is? My bestfriend and I liked him. Don't know if he likes me back.” I say. Trusting Kenzie. “What about you? Got any crushes?” “Johnny.” “GIRLS COME BACK IN.” My mom says. We walk back in the house extinguishing the fire. “I need help making desserts for tomorrow's dinner.” She says again. That's right. Our thanksgiving dinner with the Summerall family. We made the frosting for the cupcakes and played around with it a little. --MICtags: # #hannie#jenzie#haydensummerall#annieleblanc#hanniefanfic#hanniefanfiction#fanfiction

"She is a princess"-hayden2k17 (@anniexhayden101) Instagram Profile Photoanniexhayden101

"She is a princess"-hayden2k17

lovley; iconsツ (@ilybratatoe) Instagram Profile Photoilybratatoe

lovley; iconsツ

lovley; iconsツ (@ilybratatoe) Instagram Photo

; this one sucks tbh.•••••••••#annieleblanc#bratyayley#hannie#hayleyleblanc#calebleblanc#kayden

lovley; iconsツ (@ilybratatoe) Instagram Profile Photoilybratatoe

lovley; iconsツ

lovley; iconsツ (@ilybratatoe) Instagram Profile Photoilybratatoe

lovley; iconsツ

lovley; iconsツ (@ilybratatoe) Instagram Photo

; yep, im doing icons :)•••••••••#annieleblanc#bratyayley#hannie#hayleyleblanc#calebleblanc#kayden


Ok so I️ made new teams but I️ will do the other teams next time! Anyways here are the new teams and their audios. You can be in any fandom to be on a team. If you want to be on a team comment what team you want to be on!Team Kenzie- 0/5Team Annie- 0/5Comment! xoxo~a@annieleblanc@kenzieziegler#kenzie#ziegler#kenzieziegler#mackannie#annie#leblanc#annieleblanc#bratayley#bratayleyedits#teamannie#teamkenzie#comment#tagsomeonetojoin#goodluck#pleasejoinateam# #kayden#chickengirls

•Hailey&Amanda•💕 (@kenz.updatez) Instagram Profile Photokenz.updatez


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