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Notre plus beau cadeau en ces périodes de fête aura certainement été la possibilité d'offrir à "Momoche" une nouvelle vie ! En espérant qu'elle soit encore très longue , et très heureuse ️🦉 #momoche#bestdogever#rescuedog#dogsarebetterthanhumans#animallovers

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please like share comment follow ...followKeeping a dog can be a life-changing experience. They are very loyal and make great friendz They will stick by you 24/7. Keeping a dog is like taking care of a child that never grows up. A home without dogs is just a house. They enlighten the whole house with their charm and crazy activitie #animals#animal#pet#dog#cat#dogs#cats#photooftheday#cute#pets#instagood#animales#cute#love#nature#animallovers#pets_of_instagram#petstagram#petsagram@instagram@dogThis is one thing which dog loves the most. By this, they show their love to the owner. Some people run away from dog’s kisses because they find it disgusting but they are innocent creatures who show their love to you. you don’t know your dog loves you or just loves the way you taste. dogs licking the face of the owner east, anyone even a little interested in digging in the past too is fed by through They always pick things with their mouth and will roam around with it around the whole house. It’s like a small play for them and they feel happy doing it. They will carry the chain in their mouth and approach you that means they want you to take them for a walk and it’s also a way to communicate to you. If they take toys in their mouth they are insisting you play with.Dogs love to sleep with their owner instead of sleeping alone and it means they really love their owner. Dogs don’t like being lonely and expect a lot of love and attention from their owners. Sleeping with them makes them feel loved and secure.