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Elegant collection isn't just a "holidays thing." By mixing and matching with other pieces,it can be worn 365 days a year! These are a few sample outfits - all available in my shop!

#mood ️️️️ #alwaysstylish1669581362845271804

#mood️️️️ #alwaysstylish

Natasha Gerber (@natashagerber) Instagram Profile Photonatashagerber

Natasha Gerber

——>Rocking Twinzi’s Loook 1668888776343890529

——>••Rocking Twinzi’s Loook••

Madam Spotlight (@madamspotlight) Instagram Profile Photomadamspotlight

Madam Spotlight

Gemma Luna (@gemmalumina) Instagram Profile Photogemmalumina

Gemma Luna

Simple pretty, pretty simple. I've rediscovered a1668695950297469251

Simple pretty, pretty simple. I've rediscovered a love for purple because of amethyst ️️