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Ben Rafala (@benrafala) Instagram Profile Photobenrafala

Ben Rafala


One of highlights of competing this year was finally getting to meet @jaycutlerand getting the chance to talk with him post show at The New England Championship!! He’s one of the first bodybuilders I looked up to growing up. He’s one of the most humble guys I’ve met and will talk to every fan that comes up to him!!

Derek Rafla (@d_rafla_ifbbpro) Instagram Profile Photod_rafla_ifbbpro

Derek Rafla

Derek Rafla (@d_rafla_ifbbpro) Instagram Photo

My #wcwmaking sure I'm all comfy and settled for nap time between prejudging and finals #wce#numberone#thebest#allornothing


I'm so EXCITED to launch my "Every Oil Starter Kit,"Some people ask- "why would I need every Oil!" Trust me, I'm here to tell you when you get started you'll quickly realize that you want every one of these precious bottles!Not only does this kit include Every single oil doTERRA offers it also includes the Emotional Aromatherapy Kit. Plus you'll receive a canvas carrying bag, Cloud Diffuser (runs for 6 hours) andFractionated Coconut Oil.Along with all of these products, you'll receive $200 in FREE Products from DoTERRA! You'll also receive an amazing custom Welcome Package from me loaded with all you need! DM me for details!!! •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••Completely revamping your health is a commitment, once you make that you'll never look back! I'm hear with open arms to help guide you along your Oil journey and I'll be your personally guide! if you're ready to get started shoot me a DM... #doterra#essentialoils#essentials#holistichealth#naturaloptions#allornothing#aromatherapy#yl#ameo#naturallyliving#everlastingessentials

Martin Kahn (@fvsledge) Instagram Profile Photofvsledge

Martin Kahn

#chestdayexercises with descriptions of what works for me and tech tips. With the holidays coming it’s hard to stay in that comfortable zone before getting into the whole New Year’s resolution thing. I was happy this morning when stepping on the scale. 219lbs at 17.6% body fat. Of course it’s not my goal. I feel most comfortable in the 205 range. I’d like to see the 205 at 10-12%. Setting the goals come January. .Always good to have a spotter as I got help today from @rob_delcorpoYou know what they say Rob, if you can’t lift the weight yourself then spot a buddy who can. Lol. .#beastmode#focused#determination#copstrong#thickblueline#fitforduty#fitcops#inkedandfit#inkedcop#barbellsandbadges#strongcopssavelives#copcalendar#workout#selfmotivated#fitfam#gymfun#focusedaf#ageisjustanumber#olderandstronger#allornothing#sweatbuildsmuscle#woundedwarriorsproject#thinblueline#leaderbyexample@fitcops@policefitnessnutrition@jhharrison92come workout in NJ with this Lifelong Steelers fan.

☀️Martine, Tourist Guide☀️ (@smartiesmarty) Instagram Profile Photosmartiesmarty

☀️Martine, Tourist Guide☀️

GLOBAL WARNING STUDIO (@globalwarningstudio) Instagram Profile Photoglobalwarningstudio


GLOBAL WARNING STUDIO (@globalwarningstudio) Instagram Photo

GOOD MORNING FROM... Global Warning Studio one of the most upscale recording studios in Philadelphia With some of the most talented Engineers Producer and Musician And a production team to take any Artist Music to the next level Come record your next track with Us! 2200 Castor Ave Phila Pa 19134.1 (888) 767-9993 press 1 or emails at

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