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Honra e Glória ao Deus Eterno - @mensagemevida Instagram Profile Photomensagemevida

Honra e Glória ao Deus Eterno

Honra e Glória ao Deus Eterno - @mensagemevida Instagram Photo

“Olhar a esteira de mágoas passadas desperdiça a energia necessária para construir o hoje e o amanhã. Olhar para a frente, para onde você poderá estar, é muito mais gratificante do que ruminar sobre onde você já esteve. [...] Vale a pena o esforço de lidar com a ira de maneira saudável? Vale, sim. Abre portas para que você cresça emocional e espiritualmente. Você, na realidade, passa a ser sócio de Deus ao tornar nosso mundo mais pacífico. E você se torna o recurso de Deus para atrair outros ao Seu reino eterno. [...] Gazing at the wake of past hurts wastes energy needed for building today and tomorrow. Looking forward to where you might be is much more rewarding than brooding over where you have been. [...] Is handling anger in a healthy manner worth the effort? Indeed, it is. It opens doors for you to grow emotionally and spiritually. You actually become a partner with God in making our world more peaceful. And you become God’s resource for drawing others to His eternal Kingdom.” Ira Sob Controle, p.75,77/Beyond Anger, p.77,79 — Larry Yeagley#deusconvida#eledáforças#umanovavida#amor#perdão#cura#umfuturo#clameporele#deusteabençoe#godinvitesus#hegivesus#anewlife#love#forgiveness#healing#afuture#seekgod#cryouttohim#godblessyou

Honra e Glória ao Deus Eterno - @mensagemevida Instagram Profile Photomensagemevida

Honra e Glória ao Deus Eterno

Honra e Glória ao Deus Eterno - @mensagemevida Instagram Photo

“A ira permanece viva, fresquinha, enquanto contamos e recontamos a história das ofensas sofridas. A história é negativa e amarga. Para lidar com a ira, é necessário transformar a história negativa em positiva. [...] Contar repetidamente uma história negativa desenvolve um hábito de ira. A decisão de parar de repeti-la é um passo corajoso ao lidar com a ira de maneira saudável. [...]Focalizar o passado é ressuscitar aquilo que não se pode mudar. Mas você tem como alterar o seu hoje e os seus planos para o futuro. Fixar-se no passado impede que você desfrute o presente. Anger remains alive and fresh by telling and retelling the story of the wrongs suffered. The story is negative and bitter. Handling anger necessitates transforming the story from negative to positive. [...] Telling the negative story repeatedly develops an anger habit. Deciding to stop rehashing it is a bold step in handling anger in a healthy manner. [...] Focusing on the past is resurrecting what you cannot change. But you do have some input into today and into your plans for the future. Staring into the past keeps you from enjoying the present.” Ira Sob Controle, p. 73, 75/ Beyond Anger, 75-77— Larry Yeagley#deusnosconvida#elenosdáforças#umanovavida#amor#perdão#cura#umfuturo#clameporele#deusteabençoe#godinvitesus#hegivesusstrength#anewlife#love#forgiveness#healing#afuture#seekgod#cryouttohim#godblessyou

sinenhlanhla - @sneapril Instagram Profile Photosneapril


sinenhlanhla - @sneapril Instagram Photo

Studyin#afuture -Safety Officer

Cato's Stories - @cato_stories Instagram Profile Photocato_stories

Cato's Stories

💜 Angie 💜 - @queeniesmama Instagram Profile Photoqueeniesmama

💜 Angie 💜

💜 Angie 💜 - @queeniesmama Instagram Photo

So I've been praying for some and I keep coming back to this verse!! TAKE THIS VERSE SAY IT OUT LOUD!! Ask God about this!! This promise makes me giggle with happiness and gives me Joy, Hope and Peace!!I'm hoping that this verse can reaffirm what God feels about you!! He is a Good Father#planstoprosperyou#peace#joy#afuture#goodfather#godmakesmesmile#thankyougod

tinta en vena ❤💉 - @inndira.l.p Instagram Profile Photoinndira.l.p

tinta en vena ❤💉

Ashley - @abrooklyn7 Instagram Photo

Now that we're dead, my dear, we can live forever. #allsinners#afuture#allsaints#apast#returntoash

Josh Nevius - @xpxnevius Instagram Profile Photoxpxnevius

Josh Nevius

Josh Nevius - @xpxnevius Instagram Photo

It's more beneficial in the long run to follow your goals. Like What Do You Want To Do In Life & Who Do You Want To Become.... Most plant the seed and give up before it sprouts into something amazing.. You Can Cave In & Work a 9-5 job, Sell Your Soul & Give Up On Your Dreams & Support Someone Else's.... That's The Safe Route, The Working Route,The EZ Route... Nothing Wrong With That. But Nothing Great About It Either... What'sHard Is Standing On Your Own, Pushing Past The Doubters, The naysayers, The Problems. & Sticking With Your Dreams, Your Goals, Your Wants And Desires. The Day You Do That Your No Longer Working.... Your Living..... #floridastatepaintingservices#dreams#goals#visions#ideas#money#success#afuture

Debbie Tuit - @deb2it Instagram Profile Photodeb2it

Debbie Tuit

Debbie Tuit - @deb2it Instagram Photo

#afuture#ahope#godistheauthor#godisthefinisher#praytobeapartofhisstoryThe word future could be translated “an expected end.” You are a work in progress. And God isn’t done yet, you see. He is the author and finisher of your faith. There will be a completion. God is finishing you. And ultimately, it will be good.Greg Laurie 10/25/17

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