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Zachary Buckeye™ - @buckeye_fitness Instagram Accountbuckeye_fitness

Zachary Buckeye™

Zachary Buckeye™ - @buckeye_fitness Instagram Photo

Morning leg day in the books!Had to knock itout early today since I'll be on the move alllll day...chiropractor and then heading to cbus for the Ohio state game!.Shown we have our top set of hack squats! Typically I'll always squat first but surprisingly, the one squat rack was taken at 8 am...but hey can't be upset for someone trying to blast the wheels on a Saturday morning!.So I decided to switch things up and give hacks a go!Another workout, another step getting BETTER!_______________________________________Snapchat: buckeyes_picsTwitter: ZacharyBuckeyeFacebook: Zack BuckeyeEmail: 10buckeye@gmail.comwww.buckeyefitnessandnutrition.com_______________________________________#buckeyefitness#gneticstrained#mtsnutrition#tigerfitness@tigerfitness@mtsnutrition

Patrick Teutsch - @patrick_teutsch Instagram Accountpatrick_teutsch

Patrick Teutsch

Patrick Teutsch - @patrick_teutsch Instagram Photo

Selbst in der Offseason versuche ich der Vaskularität ein guter Vater zu sein#vaskularität#sein#vaterClothing: @probrowear10% OFF: PATRICKStudio: @kraftwerkfrankfurt◤◢◤◢◤◢◤◢◤◢◤◢◤◢◤◢◤◢YoutubePatrick Teutsch⬆️ Link in der Bio ⬆️Coaching: #photooftheday#gym#beastmode   #workout#sixpack#fitfam#fit#fitness#muscle#body#gymaddict#shredded#inspiration

Dane Knighton - @daneknightonfitness Instagram Accountdaneknightonfitness

Dane Knighton

Dane Knighton - @daneknightonfitness Instagram Photo

🤔You might not agree with me here, but I suggest you read this..The amount of muscle mass that you can gain might not be as much as you think..Over the course of your lifting career you can probability build about 45lbs of muscle *genetics play a massive role*..This means when you first start lifting you can gain about 1.5-2lbs of muscle per month. This goes on for about one year..The second year of proper training is where you will gain about 1lbs of muscle per month..Then year after year it essentially halfs. E.g 2lbs, 1lbs , 0.5lbs, 0.25 lbs per month..This happens because you're getting close to your genetic muscular potential..Those people that are telling you, they're so big because they've been training for 15 years. Talk absolutely bullshit..After 5 years of proper training the amount of muscle that you can gain, is so insignificant that you will hardly notice..Also, don't forget this... Just by eating more and more calories doesn't mean you will gain more muscle mass. You will just GIAN way more fat in comparison to muscle. It could also hinder you, because you will become less nutrient sensitive..As you become more trained, your calorie surplus doesn't NEED to be as big E.g (500)

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