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alexis 🌙 (@reputataylor) Instagram Profile Photoreputataylor

alexis 🌙

happy birthday queen@taylorswift thank you for c 1668622533819228938

happy birthday queen@taylorswiftthank you for constantly inspiring women and girls to love themselves. keep slaying in everything and anything you choose to do. looking forward to seeing you in tour!.....#taylorswift#taylurking#reputation#freeaccount#accountgiveaway#f4f#l4l

Aeyza Alya Keanna (@alya_keanna) Instagram Profile Photoalya_keanna

Aeyza Alya Keanna

#Repost @alqolam_official (@get_repost)#giveaways 1668600190090670126

#repost@alqolam_official(@get_repost )#giveawaysmarthafiz・・・GIVE AWAY SMART HAFIZ.Hadiah:1 Smart Hafiz6 Animal SeriesUntuk 7 orang pemenang yaa..Yuk ikuti langkah berikut ini:1. Follow instagram @hafizfansclubdan @alqolam_official2. Regram atau repost gambar ini beserta caption give away di instagram masing-masing3. Sertakan hashtag #giveawaysmarthafiz4. Tag @hafizfansclub , @alqolam_officialdan 5 orang teman5. Register di untuk pendataan peserta6. Tinggalkan komentar "Done + domisili"7. Akun IG jangan di-private (digembok) ya selama event.*Jika tidak sesuai mekanisme, nama pemenang akan DIBATALKAN ya*.Ketentuan pemenang:6 pemenang diundi dari seluruh peserta yang sesuai dengan mekanismePeriode:30 November – 17 Desember 2017.Pengumuman pemenang:19 Desember 2017 di akun instagram @hafizfansclubdan @alqolam_official.Free Ongkir untuk pengiriman hadiah.Yuk ikutaaaaan!!!#giveaway#giveawaysmarthafiz#smarthafiz#kuis#hadiah#gratis#hafizdoll#hafizahdoll#hafizandfriends#giveawayindo#hafizandfriends#free#bagibagihadiah#animal#animalseries#hafiztalkingdoll#hafizahtalkingdoll#giveaways#accountgiveaway#instagiveaway#giveawaycontest#freegiveaway#giveawayindonesia#instagramgiveaway#giveawaytime#giveawayolshop#giveawayjakarta#freegiveawaysjabodetabek

Ariana Grande Fanpage💘 (@ohsnapitzmarie) Instagram Profile Photoohsnapitzmarie

Ariana Grande Fanpage💘

my reasons were that I would never support hate I1668596655433498172

my reasons were that I would never support hate I would block them immediately cause that would not be wanted also I would not curse or allow cursing cause we all know that's a no noI would love to make different kinds of things on your acc like announce people's birthdays guess this like on @sfsgrndeposts some games and I would love to play them with everyone because I feel like that's what feels like fun and in some games we play whoever won or the top people would get a prize and I would at least do this twice a day because Arianators like to have fun on their accI would love anyone and everyone on their I would answer all my dmand I would never give it away because it was hard for this giveaway and I know how hard u worked I would also not give it away because I really love it I wouldn't give it away unless I haddd to which would probably never happen I wouldn't be like those acc who win a acc and barely ever go on it I would be acting e almost all the time because I have to clean up and do school work but other than that I'm always active I just want u to know how much it would mean to me to have a acc like this I would LITERALLY cryit would be a dream come trueBut lastly I wanted to tysvm for me being second I ALMOST FELL OFF THE BED TYSM I REALLY APPRECIATE IT I IM LITERALLY SHAKING AT HOW CLOSE I AM TY TY TY I LOVE YOU#accountgiveaway#buteraplusgw#arianagrandesecond reasons

Ariana Grande Fanpage💘 (@ohsnapitzmarie) Instagram Profile Photoohsnapitzmarie

Ariana Grande Fanpage💘

Well first I just wanna tysm for the opportunity t 1668592389574680598

Well first I just wanna tysm for the opportunity to win this acc like I have been trying to find a giveaway because I hate my acc because no one is there to see I wanna express my love for Ariana . In any way possible but it's kinda hard when u have no followers but that not the main reason .First reason I have always always in my life wanted to have a big acc like yours idk why really it's just been a passion of mine and believe me I try so hard gaining but it never works I always get logged out of my acc I wasn't hacked instagram just keeps taking them for ex: my old acc @darkmoonlightbaewas me until I got logged out and could never log back inAlso I know the struggle of having to gain so I would do gain tricks a lot cause I want them to gain I would also play games with them and announce their birthdays if they wanted me too I'm fun loving goof person I wanna be able to express myself like that on a acc like yours I promise I'm not liking cause I feel like this all the time I also want to give advice because I know their is a lot of people out their that struggle withtheir problems and I want to be that certain big acc that when u need help u can come to me I really love having a big acc it comes with so many benefitsI'm also a funny goofy person I can't help it it's my personality but anyway my last reason is I wanna make friends and be the best Ariana acc I can be I'm not only on instagram for Ariana but anyone else to u can also be my friend if u want it doesn't matter if I don't win that's not the point the point is supporting ari and standing with all the Ariana family because I believe we are all connected in some way tysm for the opportunity#accountgiveaway#arianagrande#gainpost#buteraplusgw