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MatsudaPpoiyo .♥ M/w Kimmy Koo (@ppoiyomatsuda) Instagram Profile Photoppoiyomatsuda

MatsudaPpoiyo .♥ M/w Kimmy Koo

— 1) matsuda lacks emotion. He finds it hard to be 1671089018892121568

— 1) matsuda lacks emotion. He finds it hard to be scared,hard to be happy and hard to be normal. —2) he’s underweight as he only eats one full meal a day , this is because he only gets up at later times, he can’t be bothered to move and collect food. —3) basically, he’s considered small as he hasn’t had enough nutrients that allows him to grow like most men his age. — 4) he sleeps around 14 hours a day, the only thing that can’t hurt his heart is indeed sleep. — 5) he uses earphones and headphones at night usually before he naps which helps sooth his thoughts and mind. — 6) matsu’s sister is taller than him as she’s more active and engaging than him. —7)he would literally do anything he was told, by anyone. As for him , there is no reason to say no. — 8) he doesn’t have any dream/goals , or he doesn’t look up to anyone but his bed. — 9) if he did witness someone being killed, he wouldn’t be affected by it at all. Even if it was a family member, his heart seems to be cold. — 10) it is heavily implied matsudappoiyo has tried to kill himself, simply because of boredom and him having nothing else to do. —11) matsu finds life pointless and can’t wait til something interesting does happen to him. — 12) however, wants he finds someone who he feels a pull with, he would become overprotective and literally kill for them , himself included. — 13) matsuda has tried to stab his classmate in high school while sleep walking. — 14) he has worn his tie for over 5 years straight without taking it off once. — 15) he has to buy a new phone every year because he cracks it every year on the 30th of August. —16) it’s hard for him to fall in love easily, but when he does he’s very dominant and controlling, he tried to control it however. — 17) normally, on a daily basis , he wakes up at 1:30 PM but doesn’t leave his bed until 4:50PM. —18) he tried to start a cult but was stopped by an officer , ever since he’s hated the police. —19) he usually drinks 10 times the amount of blueberry soda than what he eats each day. — 20) he loves to tease others, in any way, he causes mischief and makes it quite obvious that he’s a trouble maker.

Ben Anderson (@anderson_builder) Instagram Profile Photoanderson_builder

Ben Anderson


---The Alien Commander’s first ship named “The Gunrunner” --As you can now see, the second in command is half cyborg, unfortunately hindering his muscle movements and fighting ability, but that does not make his machines any less terrifying ---#lego#legos#moc#mocs#legomoc#legomocs#legocreation#legocreator#legobuild#legobuilder#legobricks#legopieces#world#legoworld#legomilitary#villains#aliens#legoaliens#legoalienconquest#commander#army#cyborg#fight#ship#speeder#gunrunner