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Messi/Barca Page™🇦🇷 (@lm10bible) Instagram Profile Photolm10bible

Messi/Barca Page™🇦🇷

CommentA for me 1669878690487821984

CommentA for me

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FlexRN Needs Help Finding an RN to Assist our Loca 1669877730119557311

FlexRN Needs Help Finding an RN to Assist our Local School of Nursing Client here in Virginia!...$50/Hr. Clinical Instructor, Every Wednesday 7a-3:30p, 1/10/18-2/28/18, Fundamentals of Nursing LTACH Facility in Aldie, VA, Orientation: 1/8/18 - 1/9/18, must be MSN Prepared....If you or someone you know might be interested in this opportunity please call Brandi Vansickle at: (866) 781-0726 or you can email her at:

100% Culé 🔵🔴 11K (@equipomsd) Instagram Profile Photoequipomsd

100% Culé 🔵🔴 11K

?? 1669878498489459729


Samuel Umtiti (@umtititeam23) Instagram Profile Photoumtititeam23

Samuel Umtiti

Walter Loch (@walter.loch) Instagram Profile Photowalter.loch

Walter Loch

#MSNMy first 2 contacts back in 1998 were my dad1669875628989960532

#msnMy first 2 contacts back in 1998 were my dad and my oldest brother. It took weeks and months to gain 10 on-line MSN friends when I was 7 years old. Also, as a 7 year old I had to pay a 'kwartje' (¢25 in Guilders) for every tick being online (now aprx. ¢10), and was only allowed to be 30 minutes on-line a day on our 386 133Mhz running Windows 95. A luxury considering we had an 8088 and 286 with 128Baut-56kb/s diap-up modem with either MS DOS 6.22 or Windows 3.11 - 3.51 with the first iexplore.exe. We (my bro's and sis) weekly had to type a 300+ characteristic URL from the newspaper to play a new online game, when missing an capital letter or making a typo in the URL it just wouldn't work.Those days,, swapping out copied floppy disks with other neighbouring kids, showing off our Gameboy Pockets and other toys at local or at school's playgrounds, wearing our 80s/90s clothes with the most funky imaginable haircuts, make me proud being a truly 90s kid. I grew up with tapes, disks, chips and bits.The later generations seem being just bytes, and we remain being the giga.#286#386#gbpocket#msdos#win95#dos#gvdikmisdietijd#iexplorer#64baut

Skillers Legacy (@skillerslegacy) Instagram Profile Photoskillerslegacy

Skillers Legacy

Messi vs RamosFollow @skillerslegacy ! 1669875068983668025

Messi vs RamosFollow @skillerslegacy!

I’m so excited to say that I have survived the fir 1669874603642055294

I’m so excited to say that I have survived the first semester of nursing school!! . By far the hardest class was Pharm, but I managed to get an 87% on the test today and walking away with a “B” in the class!! . This semester has been all about adjusting and balancing so many things.I’m so blessed to have such an amazing husband who supports me from afar while he is fulfilling his commitment to the Army at Fort Bragg. 🇺🇸🇺🇸. I couldn’t have even made this a reality without my awesome sister-in-law who watches my little ones when I need to go to lab or clinical.Tomorrow I head down to NC with the kiddos to spend some family time with the hubby!It’s going to be a long drive!Wish me luck and some sanity!!#nursingstudent#nursingschool#msn#directentrymsn#rntobe2019#nursetobe#pharmacology#firstsemesterdone#only4moretogo#makingithappen#milspouse#armywife#armyfamily#family#lovemyfamily

football 💗 funny😹 (@skiller.comps) Instagram Profile Photoskiller.comps

football 💗 funny😹



Fc Barcelona Fans (@forfcbarcelona) Instagram Profile Photoforfcbarcelona

Fc Barcelona Fans

The difference._________________________________ 1669872710670154188

The difference._______________________________________________@forfcbarcelonaғᴏʟʟᴏᴡ ᴜs ғᴏʀ ᴍᴏʀᴇ