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Suzzette Venero Ujaque (@stylistsu) Instagram Profile Photostylistsu

Suzzette Venero Ujaque

@badbunnypr tu hija y la mía! #ChambeaJala #Chambe 1667813145648257246
maddieziegler | 48.7k! (@madlsonzieglers) Instagram Profile Photomadlsonzieglers

maddieziegler | 48.7k!

the amount of rude things people have been told an 1667827741112932946

the amount of rude things people have been told and called are ridiculous. this world is so full of negativity and all anyone ever focuses on is bringing others down just to make themselves feel better, and in all honesty i still don't know how bringing someone down can make a person feel good. i personally have too much of a heart to even hate on a character in a fanfic im reading lol i don't see how people can be so rude and just be okay with it. for all of the people who commented on my second recent post, i hope you all know that you're beautiful and worth so much. if any of you ever need someone to talk to, don't be afraid to dm me or anyone really, people in this fandom are really kind and open to helping.this picture is also super pretty and hq i love it