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Wlecome To The 🅿️acers Zone 🏀 (@pacers_zone_) Instagram Profile Photopacers_zone_

Wlecome To The 🅿️acers Zone 🏀

We Took A L Last Night ,But I'm Just Gone Leave1669763895651018093

We Took A L Last Night ,But I'm Just Gone Leave ThisRight Here .Photo Cred:@wegrowpacers#factsPG Is A Top 3 Pacer All Time Hands Down , ButThis Photo Describes The Whole "PG And Indy Situation " He Want To Be Surrounded By Talent , Instead Of Being A Real LEADER And Making His Teammates Better , Motivating His Guys , Getting On They Ass If They Was Fukkin Up Or Playing Through A Slump , For Instance , Mj Simultaneously Made Scottie Pippen A Better Player All Around , By Mentoring Him And Working With Him , You Cannot Win Shit Without Chemistry , I Understand That Damn Near All The Players From The2013 And 2014 squads Were Gone , But Players Who Want To Win , Can Adjust To A Semi Bad Situation , LeBron , Jordan , && Kobe All Went Through Stretchs Where They Had Alot Different Teammates Year To Year , And They Made The Best Out Of ANY Teams There Where OnPushing Guys To Play Better With Little Or Some Talent , Instead Of Relying On The Front Office To Sign BIG FREE AGENTS , That Eventually Turns Into A Championship, Or A Few Thats What Real Superstars Do , I'm Not Just Talking Out My Ass These Are Facts , To End This , PG Is Still My Favorite Player In The League && Will Be Till He Retires , Just Think He ShouldOf Went By The Whole SituationDifferent , Now ,Its Time To Focus On The Future , Can't Say I Regret PG Leaving , What He Wanted Is What He Got , && What We Needed Is What We Got#indiana #indianapacers #victoroladipo #mylesturner #lancestephenson #okc #russellwestbrook #paulgeorge #pg #melo #nba #lakers #lonzoball #lavarball #meloball #geloball #bbb #kylekuzma #lebronjames #clevelandcavaliers #kyrieirving #bostonceltics #warriors #kd #curry #thompson #76ers #bensimmons #joelembid

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Virgo Phillips

What a thrill to sing the US and Canadian National 1669749450561421093

What a thrill to sing the US and Canadian National Anthems for the NBA games.#tbt