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Joe Jorgensen

Haven't shared #transformationtuesday I don't thin 1668589963748720136

Haven't shared #transformationtuesdayI don't think ever. Its not something I like to look back on. I wasn't into sports or eating healthy or even being active. I liked video games and "Saved by the Bell" after school. I will try and find a better pic but honestly I don't remember liking to take pictures of myself around that time of my life. This top pic was 2007 so this about a #10year#transformationI had guys in the gym I was glued to like a sponge to learn how to lift and how to eat but never really to it seriously. I just loved the pump and the fact that I gave up crappy food and one day would have hopes to look like #arnoldschwarzeneggerThe dream is still there to look as best as I can to his #olympiawinning physique. Trusting the process and the family of peers I have around me to keep me moving forward. This is a long over due post but I felt it was necessary for people to hear a little of my story.

@thespillcanvasofficial was fantastic last night1668530066621034104

@thespillcanvasofficialwas fantastic last nightShot for: @goldenvoice

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Hậu Sữa

#10year :) 1668327411207640944
”Moments, just fleeting times with little wings of 1668305183049726458

”Moments, just fleeting times with little wings of gold. Remind us of how real we find true love in every sign.”- Mandolin Orange -------#mandolinorange#love#engaged#ring#beautiful#latergram#proposed#proposal#10year#anniversary#blessed#inlove#grateful#partnership#engagementring