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Steve McCurry

Bio Steve's body of work spans conflicts, ancient traditions, and culture, yet always retains the human element.

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Steve McCurry - @stevemccurryofficial Instagram Photo
Istanbul, TurkeyReportShareDownload32249.65K

A vendor sells Simit, a type of round bread in front of the Hagia Sophia, Istanbul, Turkey, 2013.

Steve McCurry - @stevemccurryofficial Instagram Photo
Istanbul, TurkeyReportShareDownload50177.06K

Istanbul, Turkey, 1998. Fortune telling has played an important role in Turkish culture dating back thousands of years. With such a long history, fortune-telling comes in many forms; including water, tea, coffee, and palm reading. Here, a fortune teller's rabbits select folded fortunes from a tray for passersby and tourists.

Steve McCurry - @stevemccurryofficial Instagram Photo
Taiz, YemenReportShareDownload35496.33K

Taiz, Yemen, 1997. Much of the city has been destroyed and this market in Taiz no longer exists. Taiz is the third largest city in Yemen and was considered the cultural capital of the country. The city has endured intense military confrontation during the ongoing 2015 Yemeni Civil War. The United Nations warned of an "extreme and irreversible" food shortage if fighting continued.

Steve McCurry - @stevemccurryofficial Instagram Photo

Portrait of a young woman, Mocha, Yemen, 1997. War has been raging for the last two years inside Yemen. More than 8,670 people have been killed and 49,960 injured since 2015. The conflict has also left 20.7 million people in need of humanitarian assistance, leading to a cholera outbreak that is believed to have affected 913,000 people and caused 2,196 deaths.

Steve McCurry - @stevemccurryofficial Instagram Photo
Moscow, RussiaReportShareDownload18935.93K

Red Square, Moscow, Russia, 1993.

Steve McCurry - @stevemccurryofficial Instagram Photo

School boy, Bamiyan, Afghanistan, 2007. This image is in my new book AFGHANISTAN, published by @taschen.

Steve McCurry - @stevemccurryofficial Instagram Photo
Havana, CubaReportShareDownload28468.08K

Barbershop in Havana, Cuba, 2015.

Steve McCurry - @stevemccurryofficial Instagram Photo

Fisherman on Inle Lake, Myanmar (Burma), 2011.

Steve McCurry - @stevemccurryofficial Instagram Photo
Beirut, LebanonReportShareDownload33977.74K

Beirut, Lebanon, 1982. I photographed this man waiting for relatives on one side of the divided city. After years of civil war the center of Beirut was in ruins. The city was divided between east and west with only a few checkpoints allowing people to pass. Warring factions controlled different parts of the city. They each required credentials to cross the "Green Line" that divided the eastern and western parts of the city. I carried 5 different credentials issued by the warring factions in separate pockets.

Steve McCurry - @stevemccurryofficial Instagram Photo
Zagreb, CroatiaReportShareDownload61188.64K

Zagreb, Croatia, 1989.

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