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Carrie Horton

Bio Working on my fitness 💪🏻• I love Jesus, my Fiancé, and a good workout.

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I maybe should have waited to stir this until AFTER I took a picture. 😜 😬But, here is what I’m learning: I can have whatever I want to eat. But, eat in moderation, plan your day around it if it’s a little higher in calories, and it’s never a bad idea to find a healthier or a higher protein option. This chickpea rotini is 🔥

Got in an awesome workout with my ! Trying my best to stay motivated because I have to try on wedding dresses on Friday. 😭 I’m excited, but not ready for the mind game of possibly wearing multiple sizes bigger in my dress than what I wear in real life. This is just what I hear through the grapevine, but I’m hoping it’s not totally true. Going home to eat my chickpea pasta, sauce, and fake Parmesan cheese from the shaker bottle. 😍

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Went through all my clothes and found this gem! I don’t like to workout in t shirts, but I’m so glad I made an exception for this shirt. It was/is a great reminder that nobody is expecting me to lose 90 pounds in a month. I’m allowed to go at my own pace and work toward my small goals that lead up to my big goals. 💪🏻 Also, Amazon Prime has free workout videos and I thought I could breeze through it, but lol nope! 😂

image by Carrie Horton (@carrie2565) with caption : "After being in Dallas all week for work, this guy finally comes home tonight, AND IM SO EXCITED!!! 💜" - 1695803497521161915
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After being in Dallas all week for work, this guy finally comes home tonight, AND IM SO EXCITED!!! 💜

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Heeyyyy Buddy boy 👋🏻! I love that he creeps in all my selfies! I’m really disappointed in my workout tonight. I could only make it about 25 minutes or so because I really have not eaten enough today. So, I’m filling up on taco meat made with ground turkey and chickpea pasta. So good! Gonna make sure I get some good carbs tomorrow morning so I can go harder in my next workout. 💪🏻

image by Carrie Horton (@carrie2565) with caption : "#walmart #shenanigans 💩 😂" - 1693288127744964615
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Three years with this babe. ❤️ I love him more than he’ll ever know. We had a fabulous dinner of steak and mashed potatoes, and having homemade churros for dessert! All made by J- Train because I don’t cook food unless it fits my macros. 🤷🏼‍♀️

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Got my in with Abby this morning! Shoutout to the dude who couldn’t wait 20 seconds for me to be done doing plank jacks and got on a machine and put his feet IN BETWEEN MY LEGS 👌🏻

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I took this first pic after I was done and reset everything. 😜 But, I was able to shave some time off of my mile already and my first goal is to be at a 12 min mile. I know that’s pretty slow to some, but my thick, short, lil legs were not made to run fast... but I’m gonna try to get there! Also, check out my ghetto little signs I made. Because, I need motivation when I’m doing an exercise that I really don’t love. I’m mainly looking at the “wedding pictures/ wedding dress” sign because I’m going to try on dresses on the 26th, and to say I’m panicking is an understatement. 😬 But, I’ve worked out everyday this week, and I feel so great! 💪🏻

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I was gonna spare all of you from ANOTHER selfie today, but Buddy was cracking me up. 😂 Today is the start of my new journey with my that Justin set up for me. I literally am slower than a turtle in molasses, but I got it done today. I mainly just did stuff, because I can’t run for a long period of time yet. Unless 1 minute and 30 seconds counts? 😬 when I lift weights, I don’t really set a goal of how much I want to lift- I just do it until it burns and try to work as much of my body as possible. But, I can totes get behind some goals on the treadmill! Wish me luck!

image by Carrie Horton (@carrie2565) with caption : "This is the tank top I got from my sweet sister in law, Carli! It’s a liiiiitle tight, so I’m glad I’m #sheddingforthewe" - 1691040635028296313
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This is the tank top I got from my sweet sister in law, Carli! It’s a liiiiitle tight, so I’m glad I’m . 😂 👍🏻Also, it took me about 30 minutes to figure out how to mirror my pic, so the words on the shirt weren’t backward.