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Read the caption ⬇️⬇️⬇️#repostsave@standup911with @repostsaveapp・・・ This is taking place right now in Libya 🇱🇾 2017 and NOBODY ain’t saying a peep about it. Yes these human beings are literally being held and sold as slaves. I don’t want to sit here and talk about “what if’s” but what if these people were white, America would have every special force team sent over in a heart beat. The media would be sharing this story as if nothing else existed.-Repost from @mossb-“When France got bomb I see the entire instagram saying pray for France, when Manchester got bomb I see the same, when Texas was flooding everyone was saying pray for Texas, but this slave trade is currently going on in Libyaand we don’t see it all over social media... This was really hard for me to swallow and accept.But I cannot accept the cruel reality and not post it to bring awareness and images that might shock you.If we have the braveness to go and invade a country then let's intervene in this human violations cruelty.But it doesn't affect you right? Well fuck you because they are human beings just like you and me.Thoughts and prayers? They are useless and don't do shit.Action? Yes, and is our duty to share this to bring justice for them." #standup911#libya#slavery#netneutrality

As well as the leading cause of -global warming -w 1656775383054644855

As well as the leading cause of -global warming -water depletion and pollution-ocean dead zones-rainforest deforestation -species extinction-habitat loss-human starvation in the east-human I’ll health in the WestPlus the unnecessary exploitation and slaughter of billions of animalsGO VEGAN

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#repost@onceyouawake(@get_repost )・・・#repost@onceyouawake1・・・Listen to the little bitch ass Doctor/Nurse get hit with some facts. Screeching like a little girl toward the end. Smh 🤦‍️ #vaccines#vax#pharmaceuticals#bigpharma#research#corrupt#corruption#sickcare#america

Women are the foundation of life in all species. W 1653961720979656192

Women are the foundation of life in all species. Without them we would be nothing; so find your queen and treat her right#repostsave@third_eye_thirstwith @repostsaveapp・・・ #thirdeyethirst

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#repost@standup911(@get_repost )・・・When you get to this level of perception of the universal energies then I will grant you that label "awake". I haven't watched programming aka tell lie vision for 12 years. I've been on this awakening journey for a long time now. I do not consume any lower vibrational energy whether it’s from the people I’m around, the music and movies I watch or the environments I’m around. I don't eat animal flesh or animal byproducts as plants are only capable of creating protein by taking the nitrogen from the air we breathe and converting that into amino acids. You do not need to eat dead animal tissue to get protein.-Artist - @saulwilliamsCaption - #standup911