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Dallas Cowboys Fans (@dallascowboys_fans_39) Instagram Profile Photodallascowboys_fans_39
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Dallas Cowboys Fans

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Dallas Cowboys Fans (@dallascowboys_fans_39) Instagram Profile Photodallascowboys_fans_39

Dallas Cowboys Fans

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Before I rant let me get one thing straight, I’m s 1653000831853442121

Before I rant let me get one thing straight, I’m still always gonna be a Cowboys fan no matter what. But tell me why vs the Rams, Packers, and now Eagles, the Cowboys play amazing defense the first half.. and get destroyed on the ground and through the air the second half? Where are our adjustments? We run the ball almost every first and second down of each drive, putting more and more pressure on Dak to make a throw on 3rd down. Our offensive play calling has been predictable all year and unlike us, the opposing coach makes an adjustment against it during halftime. The Coaching has to get better in all aspects of the game. I still stand by my prediction the Cowboys can make the playoffs. 4 very winnable games these next 4 weeks. Let’s try and be 9-5 when Zeke returns. Put this eagles game behind us.Rp @dallascowboyssquad_____________#dallascowboys#dc4l#americasteam#cowboysnation#wedemboyz#dezbryant#cowboys#tonyromo#respectthestar#throwupthex#cowboynation#cowboysfans#gocowboys#bleedblueandsilver#ezekielelliott#dez#cowboysforlife#bleedblue#nfceast#romo#howboutthemcowboys#cowboysfamily#cowboysfootball#jasonwitten#cowboys4life#dallasnation#truebluenation#88#cowboysfan


Cause they suck big yellow donkey ducks that why!!!

Lagayle Robinson (@lagayle.robinson) Instagram Profile Photolagayle.robinson

Lagayle Robinson

I never liked garrett as our head coach but i love my boys something gotta give

@lagayle.robinsonagree with that statement

Samuel2017 (@su10199) Instagram Profile Photosu10199


I totally agree! I'm a true COWBOY fan always have been.But coaching is killing us simple generic play calling I think it's time for a coaches change.Garrett,offense and defense coaches as well need to be put on notice.Get it right or get gone! GO COWBOYS!!!!

I agree, let's do this

Larry Jr. #Dc4L #WeDemBoyz #DC (@ldhj_41) Instagram Profile Photoldhj_41

Larry Jr. #Dc4L #WeDemBoyz #DC

We have a outdated coaching staff

Kirk Nathan Moralde (@kirknathanmor) Instagram Profile Photokirknathanmor

Kirk Nathan Moralde

I'm with you, like for reals!! No halftime adjustments smh. We need new personnel for the Cowboys. These guys got to go. Time to rebuild the Cowboys

Quincy Washington (@hollyrock70) Instagram Profile Photohollyrock70

Quincy Washington

All three should be fired !!

Alfonso Ordoñez (@aordonez182) Instagram Profile Photoaordonez182

Alfonso Ordoñez

You are right!! Why they start the game so good and finish like that?

Beto Reyna (@betor80) Instagram Profile Photobetor80

Beto Reyna

I agree we've been very 1 dementional this season they know what we're gonna do b4 we do it

Dirti Magazine (@dirtimagazine) Instagram Profile Photodirtimagazine

Dirti Magazine

Completely agree 💙

Ur so right!!! Fire all 3 of these dumb asses!!!! 👎👎👎

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