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Melissa Gosper

Bio Every day is an opportunity to move towards health and happiness. Follow me on FB

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Melissa Gosper (@fitnessmom0880) Instagram Profile Photofitnessmom0880

Melissa Gosper

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We FINALLY almost did it! We got most of our group of East Valley POTS kiddos together and had a craft day! This group of moms is my lifeline, and I feel a strong love for all of these girls. As is the case with chronic illness, not all of the girls were able to make it, but this was the first time we’ve had any success getting more than a couple of them together. Talea had only been able to meet 2 of these girls before today, so I’m hoping some new friendships have been made and a new support system built for her as well. I was also happy to hear she got through all of the noise and commotion with a manageable headache - THAT’S the best news I could hear!#chronicillness#csfleak#potsiefamily#pots#gettogether#craftday#thankgodforthisfamily

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Kelsie Foster


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What a weirdoSister needed a new bed and he’s pretty excited to make sure it’s everything she needs before she gets home (she’s getting a bath). #nutcase#hessuchaweirddog#bestbrother

It always cracks me up when I hear someone say the 1664623186665187863

It always cracks me up when I hear someone say their breeds “are inherently dog aggressive”.......yeah, sure looks that way to me ️ #educationsiskey#raiseawareness#itsthewaytheyreraised#stopbsl#pitbull#mixdogs#servicedog#endbsl#sweetestpupsever

Sis is very sad, but we’re here for her ️️ Abby wr 1662527357741503016

Sis is very sad, but we’re here for her ️️ Abby wrapped her paws around Talea’s hand and started licking it before finally laying her head on it, and Charlie’s all snuggled in. Hopefully today we can get her computer fixed so she can be happy again!When you live your life stuck in your bedroom 95% of the time because you’re in too much pain to participate in life, your computer becomes your literal lifeline and losing that is incredibly hard to deal with. Add onto that some other antics by her brother regarding her quad (that she can’t ride right now but it’s still hers), and she’s a pretty big mess of emotions right now. To have the few things that you actually feel some control over taken from you is so hard. Poor kid#chronicillness#lifewithdogs#emotionalsupport#servicedog#specialbond#therewillbebaddays

I just had to, her face was too cuteShe was just 1660555611681380130

I just had to, her face was too cuteShe was just so happy to be getting loves from her momma, acting like that’s so unusual (they’re practically attached at the hip)#americanbulldog#servicedog#abbysdayoff#sheloveshermomma#servicedogteam

“TF are you looking at woman? Stop with the pictur 1660384218528473013

“TF are you looking at woman? Stop with the picture taking I’m trying to sleep. ”.Gad he’s adorable!#mybuddy#pitbullsofinstagram#boxersofinstagram#rescuedog#mixbreeddog#sleepsleepsleepsleepsleepsleepsleep


The trash truck is important stuff!Side note: a POTSie/CSF leakers room is a land mine for water and Gatorade bottles as well as soda cans for caffeine 🤷‍️🤦‍️ #thestruggleisreal#windowlicker#hesadisaster#helovesvehicles#misbehavingdog#ilovemydog#boxermix#energyfordays#pitmix#rescuedog


”I’m so happy, I’m going to work! I’m so happy happy happy, I’m going to work!”#abbyatwork#servicedog#biggestsmileever#happydog#workingdog#charliebartraining


She missed her Bryan!! Wouldn’t take her eyes off of him! Looked at him like she was in love@charliebardogtraining#abbysdayoff#reunion#shemissedhim#servicedog#charliebar#besttrainersever#sheloveshertrainer