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National Geographic

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Photo by @franslanting“Eye to Eye” Growing old in the wild is not easy. Most apes do not live longer than thirty years, but this male chimp drinking from a waterhole in Senegal was more than 40 years old.He was named Ross by researcher Jill Pruetz, with whom I collaborated on a story for @natgeo.Long term research provides a unique window into the lives of individuals and their communities over time. I post this image in honor of Jane Goodall and to celebrate the new NatGeo film “JANE," which premiered last Monday in Los Angeles. Jane's pioneering work, and that of her partner, the Dutch cameraman Hugo van Lawick, who was able to capture the essence of Jane and her work, changed the way we look at chimps--and it influenced how I look at all animals. Follow me @franslantingfor more images of animals as individuals. @natgeotravel@natgeocreative@thephotosociety#jane#janegoodall#chimp#ape#gratitude#animal#naturelovers#wisdom#nature

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is there a High-Resolution version?


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Andrew Ehninger

This is so me when I drink from a water fountain ;)

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@z.trajkovico ok vitiligo mesmo.

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Photos by @renan_ozturk// “Can we eat like our ancestor’s did in today’s time?” - Native American artist and foodie Roxanne Swentzell at her home during the @gatherfilmshoots with the Pueblo New Mexico tribes.Beside her emotive bronze & clay sculptures she has a complex food story that fits into our film on Native American food sovereignty. ~At one point her whole family was suffering from health problems - high cholesterol, obesity, heart problems, autoimmune diseases and chronic disease. It’s not uncommon in a lot of Native communities which have had their land (which is their food) cut out and replaced by corn syrp, white bread and whatever you can get at the gas station... because that is all there was available in multiple communities we visited. ~Roxanne is a success a story.She began following the ancient food ways -not eating processed white flour and sugar but rather self-grown beans, corn and squash. Quickly, her and her family’s health drastically improved.While we were at her adobe house that she built herself at age 23 we got a tour of her converted seed bank of ancient grains, tasted her grasshopper flour and wandered amongst the goats and turkeys while we checked out the art inhabiting every nook and cranny of the compound. ~@mrsanjayr@daharbfilm@tanya_meillier@taylorfreesolo@aesthetic.n8tive.trash@chzamag@frau_mit_katze@fndi303@kim_baca1@riseupranch@sterlinharjo

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Photograph by @jenniferhayesig#partneredcontentwith @rolex| Clownfish swim in host anemone in Tubbataha Reef Natural Park. Tubbataha Reef, the coral heart of the Philippines, is one of the most biodiverse reefs in the world. Its isolation and committed managers make it one of the best protected reefs on Earth—a near-pristine ocean wilderness.National Geographic and @rolexhave formed a partnership to promote exploration and conservation; to support explorers and nurture the next generation. #perpetualplanet

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photo @chien_chi_changOctober 28, 2017. Since late August, Myanmar military has conducted clearance operations burning over 200 Rohingya villages in Rakhine State which have caused reportedly half a million Rohingya to flee to neighboring Bangladesh. With no guarantee for safe return by the Myanmar government, they can only wait with no hope on the horizon. Meanwhile, they are scattered around makeshift refugee camps outside of Cox’s Bazar. Remember Rwanda?! #rohingyacrisis#magnumPhotos #cccontheroad

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Photo by @timlaman.A young, unflanged Tapanuli Orangutan male threatens another orangutan in the mountains of Sumatra.I just posted a shot of the much bigger male he is threatening over @timlamanso check it out.Adult male orangutans are territorial and don’t tolerate each other.This young male is no doubt feeling his hormones surging and felt the urge to threaten the big male, but the big male just ignored him, knowing the younger male would run from a fight.When I made this image in 2014 on assignment for @natgeo , I didn’t know this isolated population was going to be described as a new species of orangutan, Pongo tapanuliensis!It is amazing that in 2017, we are still making new discoveries about the great apes, our closest relatives.There is so much more to learn, but time is running out as they are critically endangered.Check out the link in my profile @timlamanto read the @natgeoNews story about the new orangutan species, and check out the conservation group @socp.officialworking with the Indonesian govt to save these apes.#endangered , #orangutan , #tapanuli , #tapanuliorangutan , #batangtoru , #sumatra , #indonesia , #indonesiabiodiversity , @natgeocreative

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Image by @joelsartore| Edging closer to extinction, this Yaqui catfish, Ictalurus pricei, recently passed away at the Arizona-Sonora @desertmuseum.It was the only known captive specimen. Just four individuals remain in the wild in the United States.The only native catfish known to the Pacific slope in North America, the Yaqui's demise has been due to hybridization, dewatering by industrialization and/or drought.But there is hope.Biologists are hoping to develop a captive breeding program using fish collected from the small remaining populations in Mexico. But the simplest part of this will be collecting the fish from the wild. Eventually, a hatchery will be necessary that's dedicated to hold and produce the fish, and a recovery plan will need to be developed. To date, no funding has been obtained...#catfish#rare#endangeredspecies#extinctioncrisis#fish#nature#conservation#biodiversity#animalfacts#wildlife#wildlifephotography#natgeo#savetogether#photoark

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Photo by @ciriljazbec/ Greenlandic dog is not a pet dog but a working dog that Inuit hunters and fishermen use for dog-sledding. They are the least know casualties of climate change. With the disappearance of sea ice, they have become a burden, which is why unfortunately some hunters are forced to shoot them. It is too expensive to sustain and feed them throughout the year when they can only use them for shorter and shorter periods of time. I took this portrait while crossing the frozen sea on my way to Siorapaluk, one of the northernmost settlement on the planet. Follow more from my Arctic journey @ciriljazbec#greenland#arctic#greenlandic#dog#climatechange#reality

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Emirate of SharjahReportShareDownload1.08K293.72K

Photo by @mmuheisen(Muhammed Muheisen) A Pakistani family sits on the seashore watching the sunset in Al Khan, the southern suburb of the city of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. To see more, follow @mmuheisen#muhammedmuheisen#xposurexpf

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Lijiang, Yunnan, ChinaReportShareDownload1.24K440.63K

Photograph by Michael Yamashita @yamashitaphoto- A portion of the Chamagudao, the ancient Tea Horse Road,passes through the village of Shuhe in Yunnan, southwestern China. Along this network of roads, the precious commodity of tea was transported to Tibet in exchange for horses for the army. #shuhe#yunnan#lijiang#teahorseroad#chamagudao#china@natgeocreative

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Children Do Not Migrate, They Flee. Photos by @katieorlinsky.Jorge, 16, left home in order to avoid being recruited by a gang- the only job opportunity he had available, and one you cannot refuse.Every day Central American migrants risk everything to reach the United States, fleeing violence and life-threatening poverty. I don't know if Jorge, or the other children and families I met at migrant shelters in Mexico while working with @tooyoungtowedin collaboration with Humanity United, ever received humanitarian visas and made it to the United States. I do know that if the U.S. government sends them back, it is not just a deportation, but a death sentence.

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Photo by @edkashiArmed guards during Friday prayers at the Badshahi Mosque in Lahore, Pakistan in 2009. The Badshahi Mosque, or the “Emperor’s Mosque,” is the second largest #mosquein #pakistanand South Asia and the 5th largest in the world. It opened in 1673, and remained the largest mosque in the world for 313 years until 1986 when the Faisal Mosque in Islamabad was completed.#pakistan#independence#homeland#muslim#travel#tbt#fromthearchives

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