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National Geographic

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The Great Gallery of Horseshoe Canyon, UtahVideo by @salvarezphoto  (Stephen Alvarez)This site is spectacular, over 200 feet long. It's largest figures are 7 feet tall. It is the defining site for Barrier Canyon Rock Art, one of the most enigmatic styles of painting in the American West. There are at least 3 painting and engraving episodes visible here, and those elongated anthropomorphic figures are one of the most mysterious things in the Southwest.I've been working with the 3D model I built of Horseshoe Canyon this spring. What we are looking at here is not drone footage. Instead it's a virtual camera that flies through a digital model. It's all part of the work I started when I began the @ancientartarchive  last year. Our mission is to explore and preserve humanity's oldest stories as they are told on Rock and

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Emily Sazo

Plus how old are they.

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Alma Cardenas

How old?

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Yusuf Ibrahim

How can they do that at that time.. amazing...

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사진 정말 마음에들어요!✨

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GR Fielding

Absolutely amazing

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이쁘네요 :) 맞팔해요~🎉

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Renz john


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Ann Kolb

@kolbs__canvasholy cow!

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National Geographic - @natgeo Instagram Photo

Photo by @cristinamittermeier// On this week of #thanksgiving , I feel grateful for home.The bountiful seas of the British Columbia Coast are graced by the presence of thousands of humpback #whalesand orcas and by some of our planet’s most dramatic and beautiful coastal rainforests.Living among wildlife and so close to nature is what I am most thankful for.#follow@cristinamittermeierto see more images from this magical corner of the world I call #home : #vancouverisland#turningthetidewith @sea_legacy#thankful#grateful#nature#love#home#holidays#blackandwhite#ocean#whalewatching

National Geographic - @natgeo Instagram Photo
Easter IslandReportShareDownload2.05K521.8K

Photo @ladzinski/ #easterisland , named by the Dutch in the 1700’s is known to the locales as #rapanui . This is an island with a rich history and most famously known for its #moaistatues, nearly 1,000 strong represented throughout the island and carved between the 12th and 15th century. The tallest Moai on the island is over 30 feet tall and weighs over 90 tons! To see more photos from this wonder of the world, please visit @ladzinski

National Geographic - @natgeo Instagram Photo
Great Bear RainforestReportShareDownload1.09K246.09K

Video by @paulnicklen// Life is incredibly exciting and challenging for a young black bear cub along the coast of British Columbia. In the fall, they follow their mothers unconditionally through powerful rivers in search of the final feast of the year on salmon. Please #followme on @paulnicklento see how efficiently these bears pull salmon out of the rivers. For @sea_legacy#bear#love#challenge#animals#wildlife#nature#video#funny

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Photo by @andreabruceHere, a woman in Les Cayes, Haiti, stands among trees ravaged by the 2016 hurricane.Last November, I photographed the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew in Haiti for the August issue of National Geographic. There, the combination of poor sanitation with a natural disaster caused the remnants of cholera to surge. (Cholera was brought to Haiti by UN peacekeepers after the 2010 earthquake in Haiti.) #haiti#hurricanematthew#sanitation@noorimages

National Geographic - @natgeo Instagram Photo

Photo by @shonephoto(Robbie Shone) - Two explorers head back to their camp after a long trip underground exploring caves on top of Sarisarinama Tepui in Venezuela.This photograph is from a portfolio I made from inside caves on top of extremely remote tepuis (aka table-top mountains) in Venezuela. The scientists from the Italian geographic exploration group known as ‘La Venta’ and the Venezuelan team ‘Theraposa’ were looking for unique forms of bacteria that could help clinical microbiologists in studies into bacterial resistance to antibiotics. It was a fascinating assignment to a very remote and rarely visited part of our world. The diverse environment on top of these tepuis is like no other anywhere on planet Earth, as each tepui is different and home to a unique world. @natgeocreative

National Geographic - @natgeo Instagram Photo

Photo @williamodanielsfor @natgeo.Rohingya refugees queueing during an emergency food distribution in Kutupalong refugee camp in southern Bangladesh.Since August 25, more than 600,000 Rohingya Muslims, an ethnic minority group, have fled their homes in Myanmar in what the United Nations human rights chief has called “a textbook example of ethnic cleansing.” Watch the story Path To Persecution on national geographic website, my latest coverage of the Rohingya refugees crisis photographed on assignment for the magazine.

National Geographic - @natgeo Instagram Photo
Ionian SeaReportShareDownload727297.95K

Photo: @andy_mann// A ghost from World War 2 now rests quietly in the sea grass off the southern coast of Albania. A torpedo launcher and gun deck tell a less peaceful story. I always get a deep sense of eeriness and amazement when descending onto these time capsules. Shot during a permitted 2 week expedition working with the Albanian government to study and document their unexplored coastlines. @thejoelepore@waittfoundation// #followme@andy_mannto learn more about our planets hidden treasures.

National Geographic - @natgeo Instagram Photo

@natgeophoto by @stevewinterphotoHere is a female tired from hunting while swimming in the river, now she rests on the riverbank at sunset.Nature is perfection. It gives us the air we breathe and the water we all need for our life.My @natgeojaguar story come out this week - the December issue of National Geographic Magazine! and LOOK for our @natgeowildBig Cat Week show which premiers on Dec 10th @ 9PM, filmed with @bertiegregoryin Dec. 2017.Jaguars are the 3rd largest of the big cats. Found from US / Mexico border to northern Argentina. Jaguars have rebounded in this area where 95% of the land is privately owned. In the past many ranchers would kill the cats when they ate their cattle. Today in this area tourism brings in much more money to the local economy than cattle ranching. So the jaguar population is increasing. But revenge killings of jaguars happen close to this area and all throughout the jaguars range. Also poaching for skins, bones and teeth is growing for the first time since the 1970’s to feed the demand for Asian Traditional Medicine and luxury items from endangered species. “When the buying stops, the killing can too.” @wildaidMy first story with big cats was the 1st @natgeoJaguar story 20 years ago! It has changed my life working with the magical and magnificent cats of the world. Animals have emotions just like we have.Forests provide us with up to 50% of the oxygen we breathe - oceans the rest. They give us 75% of the fresh water.If we can save the forest of the Amazon and other areas in Central and South America for the JAGUAR and Puma. The forests of Central Africa for the leopard, lion, elephants etc. And the forests of South Asia for the Tigers and Leopards. If you save the top predator in any ecosystem you save everything that lives with them.So if - We Save Big Cats we can help Save Ourselves.Please visit to find out other ways to become involved to save big cats!#followme @stevewinterphototo see more images from my work with @natgeoand Thanks!! @stevewinterphoto@natgeo@nglive#nglive@natgeochannel@natgeowild@thephotosociety@natgeocreative@africanparksnetwork@pantheracats

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Photos by @renan_ozturk// “Can we eat like our ancestor’s did in today’s time?” - Native American artist and foodie Roxanne Swentzell at her home during the @gatherfilmshoots with the Pueblo New Mexico tribes.Beside her emotive bronze & clay sculptures she has a complex food story that fits into our film on Native American food sovereignty. ~At one point her whole family was suffering from health problems - high cholesterol, obesity, heart problems, autoimmune diseases and chronic disease. It’s not uncommon in a lot of Native communities which have had their land (which is their food) cut out and replaced by corn syrp, white bread and whatever you can get at the gas station... because that is all there was available in multiple communities we visited. ~Roxanne is a success a story.She began following the ancient food ways -not eating processed white flour and sugar but rather self-grown beans, corn and squash. Quickly, her and her family’s health drastically improved.While we were at her adobe house that she built herself at age 23 we got a tour of her converted seed bank of ancient grains, tasted her grasshopper flour and wandered amongst the goats and turkeys while we checked out the art inhabiting every nook and cranny of the compound. ~@mrsanjayr@daharbfilm@tanya_meillier@taylorfreesolo@aesthetic.n8tive.trash@chzamag@frau_mit_katze@fndi303@kim_baca1@riseupranch@sterlinharjo

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Photograph by @jenniferhayesig#partneredcontentwith @rolex| Clownfish swim in host anemone in Tubbataha Reef Natural Park. Tubbataha Reef, the coral heart of the Philippines, is one of the most biodiverse reefs in the world. Its isolation and committed managers make it one of the best protected reefs on Earth—a near-pristine ocean wilderness.National Geographic and @rolexhave formed a partnership to promote exploration and conservation; to support explorers and nurture the next generation. #perpetualplanet

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