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Mark Bell

Bio Photos,CamerasDogs,CatsBirds,InsectsNature,WildlifeElephantsPlantsFamilyPhilosophyHumourScienceTechnologyFoodTVNZHealth,Exercise,Walking

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Video: Paul McCartney shares 'special moment' clas 1672424652896852884

Video: Paul McCartney shares 'special moment' clasping a squirming Kiwi bird named 'Bubbalicious'


Rosie n Nico

On twitter 1671537368093934779

On twitter

More than your Partys! you prick!National's Steve 1671524747877795556

More than your Partys! you prick!National's Steven Joyce has called on Labour to come clean on exactly how many additional children will be lifted out of poverty by its Families Package.

on your face...Ewwwww#inyourfacehoomin 1671426340873857730

on your face...Ewwwww#inyourfacehoomin 1671033048545988172
ReportShareDownload01 ydych yn mynnu. dim ond, dydw i ddim yn dda iawn yn y Saesneg, rydych chi'n prick.


This NatRat appointee is clearly a partisan supporter of lowered standards of environmental science and protection.Sack Jacqueline RowarthSack Allan Freeth" National Party Appointment "1. organisation’s chief executive Dr Allan Freeth, who, in the EPA’s annual report, said the level of distrust in science and experts is getting worse in New Zealand – going on to blame the “unmoderated milieu of the internet”.........His timing was interesting, coming hard on the heels of his chief scientist’s latest flub. Let’s have a look at her back catalogue of missteps, and marvel at the irony of Freeth’s assertions. Previously professor of agribusiness at Waikato University, and a dairy farm co-owner, Dr Jacqueline Rowarth was appointed to the role of EPA chief scientist in October 2016, amid howls of indignation from environmentalists and freshwater scientists. Her appointment was viewed as a sop to the dairy industry, and given her history of outspoken views on cows having little impact on water quality, it was unsurprising.......she has supporters. Recently, Rowarth has been heralded by a director of industry promoter Beef + Lamb as “great advocate for the agricultural sector” and further noted, “we are very fortunate to have someone of her calibre willing to speak on the industry’s behalf”......By November there was already a petition circulating calling for her resignation. This was in response to comments she made to farmers at a Primary Land Users Group only a few weeks before starting her new role, when she said the Waikato River was one of the five cleanest in the world, based on OECD data. Rowarth’s basic argument was the Waikato should be held to a much lower, EU standard, and that such lower standards are safe. The New Zealand Freshwater Sciences Society (NZFSS) were swift to take her to task, calling her claims false, and based on outdated data and factual errors.

CongratulationsOverdue recognition for your inspi 1669558231317795038

CongratulationsOverdue recognition for your inspired work#jkrowling#writer#thinker#leader


The race between Mr Moore and Democrat Doug Jones had been too close to call, but the Democrat snatched it by less than a percent.The stunning upset by Mr Jones makes him the first Democrat elected to the US Senate from Alabama in a quarter-century.

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