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A power-packed performance by @sunidhichauhan5 at @ssearena in #londonlast night! The sheer versatility of her voice is incredible. Great job @rockonmusic_uk! #sunidhilive #sunidhichauhan #concert #wembley #ssearena #london #music #bollywood

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Happily back in London and back to this normality ^_^ #sunidhichauhan #rockstar #borntoperform #sensational #Dance! #jhooooooombarabarrrr #bollywoodbeyonce

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Sunidhi Chauhan channeling her inner Beyoncé

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The Bhola's @rockonmusic_uk core. With @sunidhichauhan5 @tappib

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SUNIDHI CHAUHAN LIVE explosive seductive energetic and powerful performance

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A sneak peak from today. - I cannot wait to do it all over again tomorrow #sunidhichauhanlive@sunidhichauhan5 @tarsamemittal @rockonmusic_uk @starplus

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When the music is just so damn good you feel it in your body #dontstopmoving

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SUNIDHI CHAUHAN LIVE Killer lighting by @rooseveltdsouza @sunidhichauhan5 @rockonmusic_uk

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S U N I D H I C H A U H A N L I V E @rockonmusic_uk @sunidhichauhan5 @starplus

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Sunidhi Chauhan Live @sunidhichauhan5

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Sunidhi Chauhan Live @ The SSE Arena Wembley. Backing Vocalists Rayan and Thomson

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Sunidhi Chahuan live concert

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Sunidhi chauhan live concert

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