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Find out images taken at Staples Sherway

Party Girl Project (@partygirlproject) Instagram Profile Photopartygirlproject

Party Girl Project

Party Girl Project (@partygirlproject) Instagram Photo

I wanted to give a shout out to Staples on the Queensway who have a great sign on the door reminding people not to leave dogs in cars on hot days!#staples#begoodtoyourdog

Iván C. (@ivankar84) Instagram Profile Photoivankar84

Iván C.

Iván C. (@ivankar84) Instagram Photo

The sun between the clouds

Tom Nesbitt (@tjnesbitt) Instagram Profile Phototjnesbitt

Tom Nesbitt

Tom Nesbitt (@tjnesbitt) Instagram Photo

This one, no, that one, no

Jules McCoolz (@jhanchard) Instagram Profile Photojhanchard

Jules McCoolz

Jules McCoolz (@jhanchard) Instagram Photo

Caroline, working hard at the copy centre, letting the bride relax #weddingweek

Holly (@fawksydork) Instagram Photo

So this is a thing they actually make and sell. #theoffice#getyourscranton

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